designer lamps

The original fixtures by designer Roxy Russell

Original transparent lamps in interior

Original lighting, jellyfish

The designer from California Roxie Russell introduced the original lamps of unusual shape.

Original fixtures - Photo 1

Interesting lighting on Roxie Russell

Transparent and frighteningly beautiful jellyfish -amazing creatures of the ocean, and Russell has created a new collection of lights, inspired by their beauty. Lamps made from recycled materials and durable polyethylene terephthalate (Mylar) with a powder-coated aluminum. They hang from the ceiling and emit soft light.

Original fixtures - Photo 2

The lamp made from recycled materials

Original fixtures - Photo 3

Lamps emit a soft light

Russell gave his articles unusual names: Hydra, Medusa, and Ophelia, - after characters in Greek mythology. Primarily a designer wanted to show that even from recycled materials such as plastic, you can create something unique and not like anything else.

Original fixtures - Photo 4

Unique transparent lamp Medusa

These amazing lights represent all the tenderness and beauty of the ocean and the underwater world. They fit perfectly into the interior of the bedroom in a modern and classic design.

Original fixtures - Photo 5

For a bedroom in any style

Original fixtures - Photo 6

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