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The original collection of lamps in vintage style

Unique pendant lamp from Buster and Punch

Not long ago, a popular company Buster + PunchIt launched a unique collection of lamps inspired by the details of the 2-wheeled Harley motorcycle and guitar volume knob a Gibson, which attracts attention and interest of the public.

Their latest creative work combines aesthetic appearance with innovative energy efficient technologies in the new line of delicious lamps.

Available in gold, crystal and smokyshade of colored glass, each piece can not only dramatically transform the room environment, but also to fill it with incredible charm and aesthetic appeal. Since the LED lighting uses a minimum amount of power (20 times smaller compared to conventional devices), it can function for a long time.

Wonderful pendant lamp from Buster and Punch

Thus, the company explores the world of rock 'n' roll and motorcycles with a collection of unique interior with a fantastic appearance and incredible stylistic execution.

Lamps were inspired knurled knobthe volume of a Gibson electric guitar (Gibson) and, moreover, they bring into the room a little charm Harley motorcycle tires (Harley) with matte rubber parts in the cartridge design.

The collection consists of simple brass hangers and accessories, designed in a rich and expressive bronze shades.

Elegant pendant lamp from Buster and Punch

The lamp has a compact miniaturesilhouette, which is very aesthetically pleasing and interesting to look at the decoration of the apartments. Lustre LED light blends with metal holder and black electrical cord that allows it to effectively fit into any interior design.

In the next picture you can appreciate the three color embodiment of the LED element.

Amazing pendant lamp from Buster and Punch
Superb pendant lamp from Buster and Punch

The set is delivered to the buyer only brickwork and steel cartridge with a bulb need to buy separately.

Wonderful pendant lamp from Buster and Punch

Exquisite design and impressive powerfulcap lamp produced on people a lasting impression. You can pick up for him a great lamp in vintage style to complete the stunning look of the apartments.

Wire products has a maximum length of 2100 cm, allowing it to be hung in any room with different ceiling heights and generate a lot of interesting compositions in home decoration.

The company's products Buster and Punch

Stunning collection of hanging lampsstudio Buster + Punch is a creative artistic masterpiece. These products are concise and minimalist in appearance, made using parts of the motorcycle and guitar, a wide palette of color tint performance and innovative technological equipment, which attracts attention and interest of the public.

Interior items manufactured by the British company Buster + Punch.

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