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The lamp-sun to manage the emotions of the Eleonore Delisse

The lamp-sun Day & Night by Eleanor Deliss

Fantastic lamp antidepressant Day & Night designer Eleonore Delisse! The lamp-sun is useful for those who suffer from insomnia, and sometimes in the morning in a bad mood ...

Unusual design can cheer at onceafter waking up and before going to bed to soothe - is the fruit of creativity of a recent graduate of the Academy of the Dutch city of Eindhoven design. Eleonore believes that her child can be the key to sound sleep and well-being every day, year after year.

The artist worked closely studied the art of design and methods of transformation of the space in order to find a creative outlet from everyday problems.

Unique Light Day & Night by Eleanor Deliss

It is recognized that the study of the influencedifferent colors on human behavior is of particular interest to her. It was found that the perception of colors by differentially affects mood and emotional state, depending on the time of day.

While all the existing solutions,to combat seasonal depression, based on the light emission, Eleonore Delisse focuses on color flow ability to influence our way of thinking and perception of time as well. The level of lighting in this case is irrelevant.

Day segment begins its work at 6 am, andmakes a half turn until noon. The color range of radiation gradually changes from dark blue to pale turquoise. Then comes a break in the program until 6 pm and then starts Night segment, which glow in the spectrum ranges from yellow to dark red. The process ends at midnight.

Amazing Light Day & Night by Eleanor Deliss

Already in the test phase, which lasted 2month, lamp antidepressant has demonstrated its high potential. By Eleonore said she felt the presence of live something natural and living in his house, like a small sun illuminates the space.

The first sample will be presented in Paris Tools Gallerie this fall. The timing is perfect!

Day & Night Neoyuychnye lamp by Eleanor Deliss
Bright Light Day & Night by Eleanor Deliss
Modern Light Day & Night by Eleanor Deliss
Mounts Day & Night lamps from Eleanor Deliss

Photos: Laurids Gallee.

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