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The decor for the interior: photo pendant

Pendant lamps in the living room interior

Hanging lamps and lanterns areunmatched items for interior decoration. They have concise appearance and stunning stylistic execution. Miniature lampshades hanging from the ceiling on a thin long cord or chain, can not only transform the wonderful decoration of the premises, but also to fill the atmosphere is incredibly soft and subdued light.

In today's story, we introduce you to the basic features, which need to pay attention to the choice of lighting fixtures incomparable.

Beautiful hanging lamp in the kitchen interior of Structures Building Company

The kitchen in the tropical style of Structures Building Company

How to choose a lamp for your apartment? Note the scale of the room. Pick gorgeous models of lighting fixtures, which will not obscure architectural features of the space and do not get lost on the background of the creative interior.

Remember an important recommendation: Try to correctly and efficiently pick them to furniture, for example, the dining table or the bar.

Decide also what material you wantchoose to design the lampshade. Glass allows the radiance of the light bulbs freely distributed throughout the room, while the metal or porcelain lampshades can focus the light beam on a table or any other field.

Think about the shape and stylistic executionlampshade, because it can bring to the apartment a special charm and visual expression. For example, a model with an open top allow to focus the eye on a beautiful and elegant decoration of the ceiling.

Now we move on to the fun part: decorative aspect. Pendant lighting can bring to the interior design aesthetic appeal and creativity through the use of colored glass in the performance of the ceiling, shiny and matte metal, cloth and paper.

Unique pendant lamp in the interior of the living room by CWB Architects

The modern guest lounge by CWB Architects

You may have already thought about howthe most interesting place these models in the decoration of your home? The most popular destination is the accentuation of their use of the bar. In addition, fixtures can take its rightful place in a bedroom at the bedside table in the foyer, staircase or doorway as sconces in the bathroom.

Charms are often combined in groups ofdining table and kitchen island, allowing them to visually emphasize and bring to the decoration of incredible charm and appeal. These unique and unmatched elements can not only transform the home decoration, but also to fill the atmosphere of coziness and warmth.

Wonderful pendant chandeliers in the interior of the bedroom Lizette Marie Interior Design

The ultra-modern bedroom by Lizette Marie Interior Design

Typically, these elements are set at a distance of 70 to 90 cm above the table from 150 to 180 cm above the floor and from 60 to 80 cm from each other (in the case of the group of lamps).

Bathrooms lights can be hung at eye level, and above the kitchen island or work area at a distance where they will not interfere with people.

You can find these accessories in different pricecategories, from inexpensive models to exclusive copies. Pick up items for your home, which will have a wonderful combination of price and quality, that will allow them to not only fit perfectly in the decoration of the apartment, but also focus on certain functional areas.

We have presented the main features of your gaze,on which you can look for when buying the original hanging lamps that can not only transform the apartment, and fill them with a special charm. And you liked these solutions and decor ideas?

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