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The ball-shaped lamps: 8 photo design examples

The ball floor lamp

Today let's talk about the chandeliers in the form of balls. Surely, they are popular with many. But not everyone knows how to implement them correctly in the interior design, to achieve a perfect result. We have collected information will help you with this.

This unique lamp looks as brightthe sun. It is made of fiberglass impregnated with epoxy. It is better to use in a room with high ceilings and furniture, having rounded edges. So you will achieve unparalleled combination.

The spherical chandelier from Bertjan Pot in the dining room interior

Magic light from Bertjan Pot

If you are a supporter of minimalist design, whilethis lamp for you. Thanks to her, you will create a sculptural effect in combination with sharp geometric shapes that make up the rest of the room. In addition, its thick glass does not crack when subjected to high temperatures.

Bocci chandelier in an interior bathroom

Suspension Bocci

Place this suspension asymmetrically to the mirror, to mix different things. Make sure that your space is enough space for a powerful luminous flux.

Beautiful ball-shaped bulbs in the interior restroom room

Several balls

Antique items always look great. In this case, the exclusive fixation of an antique shop in New York to take care of the glare in the interior. In addition, the transparent light works well with other bold elements.

The ball-shaped chandeliers in the dining room interior

antique chandeliers

Lamps, hanging from wooden ceiling, willinnovative addition to any space. To achieve a clean and modern look, fastening usually made invisible. But this only by specialists. Fine suspension will make the characteristic statement paired with masculine decor: dark and rough parts.

LBL Lighting in the interior of the living room

LBL pendant lights

Some bulbs can be placed independently. Thus, they create a layered effect in the room, with the proviso that there are high ceilings.

Suspended spherical chandeliers from Debora Czeresko

Custom installation of Debora Czeresko

Polished fixtures to add lusterroom. Casting a shadow on the wall, they resemble the old factory lamps, which makes them even more amazing. Thanks to the flexibility and elegance of style, you can apply them in different spaces.

Superb ball-shaped lamps Sorensen


Perforated cones inside each ballthrow light around the room, like the radiant glow of the gemstones. It works best chandelier in the spacious interiors, adding a touch of drama. Be careful in the process of changing light bulbs and washing, as the glass is very thin.

Chic spherical chandeliers Arteriors

Sparks Arteriors

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