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The atmosphere of love, or romantic types of lighting

Romantic lighting in the interior of the living room

Light the candle and turn a pleasant calmmusic to create a romantic mood on Valentine's Day. Undoubtedly, the candle - the muse of romance. By popular demand, especially for romantics, we will talk about how to create an intimate atmosphere with the help of light.

Warm candle light creates in your abode paradise sex and love, attracts others to himself. But there are many other kinds of lighting, contributing to Romanticism in the interior.

Beautiful romantic lighting in the interior of a bedroom

With LED lights create the perfect backdrop for the bedroom. Place them in the head of the bed or on the floor. The light should come from the bottom up.

The same principle can create a background in the dining room. Glow gives conservatism, and at the same time exotic simple weekday dinner. Shadows of light look very tempting.

Wonderfully romantic lighting in the interior dining area

Lanterns in the "Moroccan" style, mysterious and slightly sexy. Place them in a corner of the room you need.

To the way up the stairs he was alsoinspiring, use the method of stair lights. You do not have the time or money to work with electricity? Batteries are specially designed and pillar candles in the shape will be a win-win alternative. They also have a safe and affordable price, possibility of wholesale shopping.

stair lighting LED bulbs
The perfect romantic lighting in the interior of the living room

Another current method - candles in vases. The space will gain a seductive and luxurious appearance, especially at a table for two.

Table light interior bedroom

In the bedroom in front of the mirrors used pink light bulb, which soften the tone light. The pink glow will make you look like a movie star.

Delightful romantic lighting in the interior of a bedroom
Wonderful romantic lighting in the interior of the attic

Long dark lighting and the appropriate interior in the bedroom will create an unsurpassed view. If desired, you can adjust the light power selection lamp or three-way bulb.

Increase the level of romanticism using draping string lights or Christmas lights over the bed, around mirrors, doors, headboard.

Excellent romantic lighting in the interior of a bedroom

Multiple light sources can becomethe creator of the heavenly place in your room. Burning fire in the company of candles and paired with a chandelier ignites passion and at the same time the harmony from floor to ceiling. You can control the intensity of the light, adding or removing a candle, or by installing a dimmer on energy saving lamp.

Candles above the fireplace in the interior
Creative lighting of the bedroom

Paper lanterns make every occasion special. They provide a side light, while on the bedside table. You can also hang a round paper lanterns on top of pedestals with the help of a hook on the ceiling, or mounted to the wall thanks to a temporary safe label.

Another variant of the installation of lamps in the bedroom no less elegant. Install them on the perimeter of the bed on the ceiling, or just behind, and subtle light completely fill the required space.

bath Neon lights

Feel free to swim next to the colored LED submersible.

Candles in an interior bathroom

Bath by candlelight looks, of course, the mostromantic, but one misstep and you run the risk of fire on his head or lack of light. LED lights floating in water will be less risky option, but no less romantic and fairy will look in the bathroom. Lanterns can be added directly to the bath.

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