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Table lamp - photo by Vaynusa Kubilius

The original light bulb Nymphs

In today's world of equipment for high-quality lighting has a lot of innovations and original solutions quite young and seasoned designers experience.

On the Design Museum website pages, we prettyoften we talk about new developments of specialists in the field of contemporary lighting, and today our story is about a rather unusual and original lighting fixtures called «Nymphs Lamps» ( «Lamps Nymphs").

Have you ever considered the pattern of light cast by a lamp or an original ceiling lamp in your room or living room? Sometimes they throw quite strange shadows.

Lithuanian folk artist and craftsman VainiusKubilius (Vaynus Kubilius) was once fascinated by the lights of the African pumpkins Polish artist Przemek Krawczynski, who lives and works in Lodz, Poland.

But he decided to go the other way and chose the material for its amazing lamps coconut shell, coated stopper and specially tanned suede.

Unusual Light Bulb Nymphs
Creative Light Bulb Nymphs
Unique lamps Lamps Nymphs
Beautiful Light Bulb Nymphs
Amazing Light Bulb Nymphs

In fact, to make his first originallamp, the designer spent nine months of hard work - was born as a result of a unique lamp, which through a plurality of perforations of different configuration, recreates on the walls of the room are unique in the beauty of the drawings, easily transforming an ordinary room into a fabulous and amazing beauty of the world.

Before such original and beautifullights grow dim any lighting and even candles, because "Nymphs" can in an instant to create a fabulous and unique atmosphere in almost any room.

Excellent light bulb Nymphs
Delicious Light Bulb Nymphs
The glare from the original lamps Nymphs
Unusual Light Bulb Nymphs

"I began my experiments to find out howYou can create lighting that will bring people to a variety of senses, not just the light. I hope that my lamp is a kind of aphrodisiac, which creates more passion in the ordinary life of the people "- says Vaynus.

Magnificent Light Bulb Nymphs
Fascinating light bulb Nymphs
Wonderful Lamp Lamp Nymphs
Luxury Light Bulb Nymphs

In order to create a fairy tale, artistlampshade lamp in doing up to a thousand holes of different configurations and as a result of this hard work in your home there is an unusual light on the bizarre stem, and the whole room is filled with unique beauty and ornament patterns.

Unsurpassed light bulb Nymphs
Leg Lamp Lamp Nymphs
The glare from the original lamps Nymphs
Unusual glare from the original lamps Nymphs

For $ 140, anyone can purchaseyour bedroom or living room an exotic lamp that will add life to your original identity, ease the mood, and the whole interior - the inimitable charm.

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