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Table lamp in the shape of a flower for NOBU Restaurant

Table lamp Kiem

Certainly, every fan of the Design Museum website knows that when you make space lighting plays a key decorative role, is not it?

Of course, even the most luxurious room is notIt looks perfect, if it does not meet the lighting environment. So today we decided to take a closer look with the design of NOBU restaurant - one of the most famous in the world, besides renowned for exquisite Japanese cuisine.

By the way, at the request of its owner - a famous actor Robert de Niro, the designers have created a unique creation Kiem, with its original appearance similar to the tight buds of a wonderful flower.

Leg Lamp Kiem

This table lamp is ideal forplacing on the restaurant table without taking up much space. It is also worth noting that its wooden base is carved from a single piece of the North American black walnut.

A ornate petals are made of stripswhite translucent high density polyethylene. This moisture-proof material makes it possible to use the lamp in high humidity or outdoors.

Kiem is produced in a studio in SplinterSeedCalifornia, as well as all of their projects, and comes already assembled. Elegant appearance openwork lantern and attracted the attention of gourmets who appreciate not only the art of cooking delicacies and exquisite tableware.

Amazing table lamps Kiem

Where the wire with a fork, you ask?

It's very simple - it is not! Energy sources are high-power LEDs from Li-Ion Hokare Ltd, a leader in wireless lighting. One charge of this device is able to give you up to 48 hours of pleasant warm rays illuminating the surrounding space.

Typically, in such instances there is no freesale. However, they can be purchased from the manufacturer itself. Believe me, this is a unique opportunity to enjoy an exclusive masterpiece at a reasonable price appears quite rare. So why not buy it now?

Beautiful table lamp Kiem
The unique table lamps Kiem
Unusual table lamps Kiem
Kiem table lamp in the form of cones

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