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Table Lamp Black Tie: a perfect balance of color, light and proportions

Table lamps Black Tie

Established in 1980, Hangar DesignGroup to date has gained international status. Its employees work in different areas of design, creating projects for leading industrial and commercial brands.

In 2009, Hangar Design Group has developed an imagetable lamp Black Tie, fulfill orders of large Italian industrial group Macrolux. A variety of materials, organically combined with each other, expressive form a structure that is the result of rethinking traditional design.

Horizontal surfaces polyurethanelampshade made of glass, gently diffusing light bulb. Compact base Black Tie and support rod of aluminum alloy in stark contrast with the upper cylinder in volume terms. Due to this, the lamp becomes a perfectly balanced, self-contained element of the interior.

Red table lamp Black Tie
Round table lamp Black Tie in red
White table lamp Black Tie
table lamp Material Black Tie

After 6 years after its introduction on the market Black Tie continues to be popular with buyers. Macrolux produces three models in the most popular colors - red, black and white.

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