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Metal lamps in the interior. Apothecary lamp back.

Table lamp made of copper

Apothecary lamps are a great option transfiguration apartments and filling them with a soft and subdued light.

This original lamp gets its name based on its widespread use for lighting in pharmacies, hospitals and doctors' offices, as well as in factories and other industrial facilities.

These models tend to pivot so adjustable in height and provide a desired light in certain areas.

The base and lamp shade is usually performed with the use of brass and iron, which gives it an incredible charm and aesthetic appeal.

Pharmacy lamps are valued today for its durable and reliable mechanical design and practicality, as they blend perfectly with any interior design styling.

In addition, the customer can choose for their homes required model - floor, wall or table.

The first electric model has a uniqueability to give direct light toward the bottom, which is perfect for reading and working. Their gas precursors were not as practical and functional.

In the following photo to your eyesdemonstrated decoration and a cozy bedroom for a corner, decorated with stunning brass lamp with a magnificent semi-circular shade and stately design.

Table lamp brass

Cabinet by Brian Dittmar Design, Inc.

Floor models are ideal for small apartments, which require additional artificial lighting.

They can be installed in a corner behind the sofa as ideal for reading. Furthermore, they are easily cleaned, so they can be used in large, wet bathroom.

Brass finishing the base and the ceiling gives the subject of decor and interior / strong> timeless elegance and charm.

Notice how the lamp in gold tones blends perfectly with the Indonesian textiles and Moroccan brass coffee table.

Floor lamp made of copper

Modern interior

Model with a black domed shade contrasts beautifully with white decor wall surfaces and ceiling of the apartment.

Floor lamp Copper

The guest lounge of Vuong Interior Design

Next floor lamp has a triangular dome shade and pull-out handle. It has a vintage appearance that blends perfectly with contrasting black and white colors in the decor.

Copper floor lamp in the living room

Living by Erica George Dines Photography

This cabin lights were installed next to the sofa that forms a remarkable symmetrical composition in the decor.

These lamps are practically invisible, which gives them even more attractive and concise.

Fireplace in guest

Guest cabin from Gary Hutton Design

These models are also great choice for decoration bedside region because of its ability to provide an adjustable directional flow of light.

Table lamp by the bed

Bedroom from Ethos Interiors

There is no room for tables? Wall lights are stylish and practical. They are a wonderful option of decorating a bunk bed.

Lamps for reading in the interior of child

Children from the Atlantic Archives, Inc.

Handle wall sconces in the form of scissors perfectly complement the interior of any apartment.

In this room, sculptural lamps function as exquisite and unique works of art that attracts the attention and interest of the public.

White room with wall lights

Living by kimberly peck architect

We present to your attention a selection of delicious options for pharmaceutical use lamps in a stylish and attractive decoration of unusual home.

Do you like these accessories apartment decor? Would you like to use them to transform your own apartment?

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