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Stylish shades spherical shape - the trend of the season!

The stylish lampshades hanging lamps

Stylish shades spherical shape quicklyare gaining popularity. Homeowners and decorators in preference because of the shape and incredible charm. Our review is devoted to the magnificent models that will complement the interior of the apartment or house.

Random lamp from a specialist for Bertjan PotMoooi company is equipped with the finest filigree canopy that casts shadows on the walls, cobwebs. The lampshade is made of glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin - it gives the material special durability and reliability.

Use these lamps can only be in the room with high ceilings. They look great over the dining table or a soft sofa set.

The spherical chandelier from Bertjan Pot in the dining room interior

Dining on Ikaria Living

Hanging lamp Single Bocci was designedVivian Dwyer. Ease appearance is compensated by the quality of the lighting. Master made a normal light bulb in a glass bowl, made at a high temperature, which allows him to not crack from the heat in humid conditions.

Especially interesting accessory in interior architecture in a minimalist style. In combination with geometric shapes and strict silhouette of a suite of furniture glass ball will add clarity room.

Bocci chandelier in an interior bathroom

Modern bathroom by DWYER DESIGN

Track Multiple Bocci from a specialist VivianDwyer is unmatched: radiant glass bunches are arranged at different heights and can be hung anywhere in the house - not only in the bathroom, but also in the bedroom and in the living room.

The ball-shaped bulbs in the interior restroom room

Toilet by gne architecture

Original vintage lamp was found the owner of the house in one of the antique shops in New York. It is extraordinarily expressive simplicity in execution.

Very interesting model looks in the eclectic decoration, filled with all sorts of accessories and decorative items.

The ball-shaped chandeliers in the dining room interior

Dining room by Alan Design Studio

Hanging chandeliers LBL extremely unusual in conjunctionwith custom-made wooden ceiling design from the studio Renee Gaddis Interiors. Charming bulbs, bulbs are fixed on the metal cords of varying lengths. Randomness location makes guests a lasting impression.

LBL Lighting in the interior of the living room

Living by Renee Gaddis Interiors

Unusual light composition Custom InstallationIt was written by a talented craftsman Debora Czeresko. Spherical chandelier with shades of different textures create a multi-layered sculptural effect. Lighting is better to hang a room with a high ceiling.

Suspended spherical chandeliers from Debora Czeresko

Bedroom by Tommy Chambers Interiors, Inc.

Polished nickel suspension Sorensen elegance and sophistication. Clear glass and miniature fluorescent bulbs remarkably fit into any decor.

The ball-shaped lamps in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen from MuseInteriors

Incredible design consists of manyglass lamp shades with inner cone insert. The lamp is more like a bunch of balloons! Designed by artist Laura Kirar. Chandelier is truly gorgeous! This is the best option for guests focusing on the dining table.

Chic spherical chandeliers in the dining room interior

Dining by Heather Garrett Design

We presented you a selection of hanging lamps. Round lampshade can be incredibly charming and, as though it may sound paradoxical, multifaceted!

What do you think about the chandeliers-balls? Tell us your thoughts!

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