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Stylish Pendant Lights for room

Multi-colored pendant lights for the room

Hanging lamps for the room of bamboo fiber

Pendant lights for Muuto's Grain HouseThey deserve special attention. They can become a real decoration of the interior of any room. Using the innovative material for the manufacture of lamp shades gives the product a special flavor.

Gently brown hanging lamp for a room

Textured material

Small grains of bamboo fiber materiallights provide subtle color gradients, reviving the classic minimalist design. Agree, these simple in essence lamps, look very stylish both singly and in combination with each other.

Pale green hanging lamps in interior

Lamps for any interior

Lamp Muuto's Grain is ideal for corridor orcuisine. And when such fixtures in the interior of a few, it will greatly affect the atmosphere and the illumination space. Natural pastel colors, which represent the products are perfectly combined with each other, allowing you to create the perfect composition.

Stylish collection of hanging lamps for the room

Stylish collection

This collection of lamps suitable for both moderninteriors, and for decoration in retro style. The range of available colors allows the fixtures to fit into any style. The collection is designed by designer Jens Fagerom.
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