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Stylish interior lighting: add emotions!

Stylish kitchen lighting

Stylish lighting changes the mood. Do not believe me? Our article will dispel your doubts!

With the onset of autumn, when the nights are getting longer, we want to go on vacation in distant countries, where the sun shines all year round.

Do not rush to book a plane ticket, andlisten to the advice of our website - we will help to create optimistic by small changes in the lighting system. Appointed rooms with one or two original lamps, you would be glad to sunset.


Urgent get rid of bulky desk lamp,somehow illuminating the pages of the book on the nightstand. Let it take the place stylish light installation, made on an individual project that will change the color palette of the decor, fill the interior of the energy situation and make daring.

Take a chance to chart LEDs own name or message to the world - just pick the right word ...

Letter lamps in interior

Decide on the unusual!

Too serious kitchen requires merry notes of! Replace standard ceiling with something totally unexpected, for example, colored colanders, and then even the darkest November weather can not spoil your mood.

Hanging chandeliers in the interior of the kitchen

More glamor!

It is difficult to play an absolutely decadentdecoration, when the persistent sun's rays make their way through even the thick curtains. The long period of gloomy days makes it possible to indulge in buying a stunning lamp. Twin sconce soft rays scatter and resemble the sparkling waterfall.

Wall lights in the interior of a bedroom

How can I lower

Lack of sun is not always compensated by the blinding lights. Pay attention to the low-set light sources, such as candles, hidden in the glass lights.

The larger the candle - the better. Lit in the dim light, they will bring in the romantic atmosphere ...

Floor lamps in the interior corridor


Ingo Maurer collected Zettel?z More than 15 years ago, but it seems to be more innovative than many current models. Decorate it interesting statements, add the usual lamp poetry. The magnificent chandelier is quite mobile, so you can change her look in the mood.

Luxury chandelier in the interior of the bath

Merge with nature

Whether you live in a rural or urban jungle dweller, fill the house with natural materials and natural forms.

Sculptural properties antlers make them an excellent basis, advantages which will become more apparent with the onset of winter snow.

An unusual chandelier in the interior of the open bedroom


Make the ceiling of the classic crystaldecanters and come up with a funny imitation of a traditional chandelier of the palace interiors. Well, for a long time drunk brandy, but the heat will always keep you warm, overflowing the room.

Crystal Pendant Chandelier

Step by step

The trend of using bezabazhurnyh fixtures quickly gaining momentum as miniature incandescent lamps are becoming more affordable.

If you have enough of these lovely pieces of glass, colored cords exactly meet the need for originality. This madcap mix in the kitchen will make a relaxed atmosphere.

Unusual hanging lamp in the dining room interior

The good old classic

Chandelier with candles has been the main source of lightfor several centuries. It is divided into several segments version looks fresh, witty and at the same time familiar. Elegant composition fits perfectly in a modern style.

Elegant pendant lamps in the kitchen interior

Add Lights

The clear night sky is fascinating stellar depthin any season. All that you need - fitting clothes and the ability to deliver a cup of hot tea. Street garlands so festive shimmer that mood improves by itself.

Street light in the interior of the gazebo

Decorate their trees and bushes, try to construct its own masterpiece, giving a second life completely intended for this subject.

In the photo - a makeshift shade of an old wooden crate.


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