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Staircase lighting in the interior of the house

Bright staircase lighting

Staircase lighting - the subject of attention of homeowners and designers.

If you live in the house the elderly, the installation of high-quality artificial lighting becomes paramount, as the elderly are susceptible to natural light.

Illuminated metal handrail helpgrandmother or grandfather to climb the stairs. This simple technique drops off the need to modernize the entire structure. The backlight can be obtained from a specialist shop or seek the assistance of a professional electrician.

If you're strapped for cash, you will gain an inexpensive LED ribbon.

Illuminated railings are popular withthe owners of single-storey houses. Such handrails increase the reliability of the movement through the corridors at night. They can be equipped with innovative sensors that react to movement and automatically switch on the light for a certain time.

LED handrail lighting

The project of by

Shining stage - the most popular and effective way of decor. This is another example of the safe lifting of elderly people on the second floor.

Recessed halogen wall - inexpensive andmost demanded option of lighting the staircase. The following picture shows the span structure with two illumination variants: the railing and steps.

Wall sconces for lighting stairwell

Interior of Broadmore Builders, LLC

Low positioned lamps are ideal for hallways. Most often, they are equipped with controllers and includes from human motions, which provides energy savings.

Illumination transforms the interior and fills the atmosphere with mystery.

The beautiful wall sconces for lighting stairwell

The furniture in the Art Nouveau style by Interior Deluxe

The ladder can be decorated with ribbons or modern diode innovative and expensive devices. See how it looks original span!

The combination of lit LED-ribbons handrails and steps create a harmonious, warm and comfortable atmosphere.

Bright lighting stair steps

Architecture from the Architectural Justice

LED Lighting ladder rungs

Project of Super Bright LEDs

Currently, the most popular are interactive systems that react to movement and are activated when a person goes down or up the stairs.

After a predetermined period of time the light is extinguished, thus saving energy. It is ideal for hallways and corridors.

Exquisite lighting stairwell

Original LED backlight with a blue tint

We present to you the creative ideashome decor using backlight flight of stairs. This technique not only ensures the safety of movement of older or sick members of the family in the evening and night, but also transforms the living room.

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