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Spectacular lighting: select the optimal light scheme for houses

The lighting system in the interior of a bathroom

The spectacular lighting as part of our lives

We have prepared an article, which is sure to help you. Let's create a spectacular light and talk about how to improve their health by adding a sun room in the winter.

Natural lighting in the interior of the bedroom

The amount of sunlight affect the quality perception of the world

create comfort

If you live in a harsh climate andwalk under the gentle warm rays are rare, pay attention to modern lighting fixtures. All you need to do is adjust the light! Desk, a reading corner, a soft sofa with a blanket - pick the "right" lamps for their favorite places. Remember eye-safe distance of 1.2-1.5 m, to prevent irritation.

The chandelier in the dining room interior

Let in more sun room!

Down with depression!

Have you noticed that the feeling in the summermuch happier? In this we, of course, it helps the sun. With his long absence increases the melatonin level, responsible for the regulation of circadian rhythms, that is, for the biological processes associated with the change of day and night.

Sleep disturbance inevitably leads to depression and light therapy helps reduce the hormone production and improves mood effectively.

Hanging lamp in the interior dining area

Lighting is struggling with melancholy winter

We struggle with laziness

Symptoms appear in the increase of melatoninpropensity to overeating and reluctance to exercise. As a consequence - obesity and chronic diseases. Due to slow down production of the hormone, you will feel inflow of forces for morning exercises.

Ceiling lighting system in the interior of the bathroom

Light light effects affect appetite

Good dream

After a night's sleep, you feel tired andsluggish, it did not seem to sleep at all? All because of cloudy weather, lack of lighting and, of course, evil hormone that does not give your brain to work properly. Down blues! Let's reset the internal clock and get an energy boost in the morning! And so help us light!

Natural lighting Bedroom

The sun's rays to help get into the rhythm

Modest spot lamps, crystal ceiling,discarded hundreds glare mysteriously flickering LEDs, gorgeous candle-lighting, lighting up by cotton palms or huge floor to ceiling windows - the light should be enough!

Chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, bedside lamp - it is not justdesign elements. They affect your psychological state and are struggling with the impact of winter depression. Bring in your life shine and feel happy!

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