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Small designer lamp from Kundalini Tronkoni

Amazingly brilliant light

The last ray of the setting sun persistentlyIt recalls that day draws to a close. There comes a happy time when you can pay attention only to itself, to do self-development, or sit quietly in a soft comfortable chair and read your favorite book.

Unchanged, unobtrusive neighbor near youthere will always be a table lamp. It will create a cozy, quiet world, where you will be just you and the parallel reality, full of fantasy, adventure and new exciting experiences.

Table lamp for comfortable reading

Life may seem meaningless if everything that surrounds us, to attach some importance. Let's let the thoughts materialize in every part of the home interior!

you will find the most useful tips on how to decorate everyday and fill his home with pleasant bright things on our site Design Museum.

Amazing shape of the lamp

Years go by, and the classic black and white are still the favorite, and the unforgettable. Why not turn the bedroom into a symbolic battle of the opposites?

Two lamps, each mushroom shape, performlighting mission. First, the snow-white like an angel, full of vibrant, joyful energy. Second mystically mysterious, like a moonless night. Yin and Yang lighting world.

Lamps in the form of fungus

It so happened that almost all the positive emotionsin human life associated with light shades: the first snow, almost transparent petals first spring flowers, light fluffy clouds. Elegant Lamp Danish designer Verner Panton could be another pleasant association.

Her perfect smooth lines pleasing to the eye, smoothsurface and requests to touch. Is it a secret - diffuse glass. With the help of this perfection scatters light like no other lamp.

Amazing round lamp

The lamp should be not only beautiful but also practical device. What if your significant other wants to sleep, and you can not wait to read the last chapter of the novel it is very exciting?

Bedside lamp, consisting of three flexibletubes, no problems will solve the dilemma. Outwardly, it resembles a tree branch outlandish that sway in the wind gust. Due to this design, it provides any convenient for you, in reading position. And its diffused light will fill the rest of the rest of the room.

Bedside lamp of the three flexible tubes

creative personality finesse - appropriatefloor lamp! Fine shades of natural materials, a variety of colors and patterns mounted on lecterns, original look, with a bit of humor. At the same time they seemed enveloped in an aura of excellence and mock severity.

Unusual lamps in different colors

Have you ever seen how beautiful frozen water under a microscope? So perfect patterns can not be copied, it is the ordinary miracle of nature!

Chaos table lamp is very similar to a lot of woven snowflakes, winter moths that flew in the warm light.

Chaos Table Lamp

A worthy representative of your room in Eco-style lamp will Arba Italian designer Matteo Thun.

It is completely made of wood, from light to an unusual lampshade support. The author expressed his love of nature through his creation, hoping to share this love and remind about it to everyone.

Lamp Arba Italian designer Matteo Thun.

Vital activity is not without brightmemories and desperate acts. Colorful lamps Padma from the Italian manufacturer Kundalini Tronkoni, in the style of pop art, designed to controversial people who live the emotions and moments. This element of the decor intriguing and stimulates activity.

Floor lamps Padma from the Italian manufacturer Kundalini Tronkoni

Futuristic table lamp Artemide FatoItalian designer Giovanni Pont has nothing to do with the classical representatives of lamps in the world. She presents him with a rectangular frame fixed on it with steel plates, the light is concentrated between them and gently scattered in the space of the room.

A kind of theatrical performance, where all the roles are played by strange shadows.

Artemide Fato Lamp Italian designer Giovanni Pont

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