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Series LED cabinet lights DIODER - comfortable and stylish item for each

LED light box

We are confident that the majority of visitors,At least the woman exactly respectful of IKEA products. And when it comes to home decor updates, not to mention it producer.

DIODER Series - the perfect proof of this. Superb collection has been specially designed for the interior lighting of cabinets and drawers. Consumers have appreciated this barely noticeable after installation, exquisitely made products.

Unlike other light sources, lamps considered is not heated, very economical and ideal for use at home, consuming up to 85% less energy.

Drawer Illumination with LED Lamps

Unobtrusive, very elegant design,dim lighting at the opening of the box - these are the distinctive features of the above-mentioned LED devices. With built-in assistants bookshelves, mirrors and wall thumbnails begin to play with new colors.

An attractive feature of the product,of course, is the price. Even buyers with low incomes can afford to buy energy-efficient lighting system for the entire home. Modern high-tech lamps designed to create any room a harmonious pattern of light and shade.

LED lamp in a box

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