designer lamps

Sculptural lamps from Sutro Architects Studio

Beautiful sculptural hanging lamp in the kitchen

Original decoration with elegant pendant luminaires in a project by Lisa Nieschlag for Liz & Jewels

In recent years, the choice of lamp is becoming one of the most difficult decisions when it comes to creating the charming home decor.

A wide range of products in the market placesmany homeowners before the difficult choice! For a stylish hanging ceiling can perfectly convert all decorations and fill the atmosphere with magnetic charm and special beauty.

In today's story, we introduce readers to Museum of Design with exciting and unusual models that dwarf any modern space, becoming the epicenter of attention.

A wonderful sculptural hanging lamp in the living room

Inspiring living room with lots of color

You will definitely like lighting,which can not only fill the room with radiance and brilliance, but also to form in an atmosphere of comfort and warmth that attracts them keen eye and interest.

All about beauty

Unique home furnishings and Leonardo AnforaThey have an unusual shade, which constitute the thin wood strips, interwoven and create incredibly attractive composition. Models are made in a variety of stylistic shapes and sizes, and a wide palette of toning allows customers to choose the appropriate option for your apartment.

Accessory Anfora is a collection of products fromLZF companies, along with other interesting articles such as Link and Nut. Interlocking wooden slats in the composition of the designer Miguel Herranz, gives people the opportunity to choose a unique version of 11 different finishes wood veneer.

The sculptural pendant lights in orange

Hanging bulbs - perfect for stunning interior

White pendant light

Beautiful ultramodern office of UPinteriors

Exceptional and impressive modelLeonardo lighting device has been designed and implemented a Scandinavian specialist Antoni Arola for Santa & Cole. Steel frame and thin layers of birch wood form the gorgeous cover, which gives the interior design, and incredible ease of unearthly beauty.

Wonderful sculptural hanging lamp in the dining room

Exquisite shade creates a relaxing atmosphere in the room by Rozalynn Woods Interior Design

Creative sculptural hanging lamp made of wood

Great area with a chandelier Leonardo Pendant from Sutro Architects Studio

Excellent sculptural hanging lamp made of wood

Stunning lamp with thin plates of birch wood

Amazing model Hola!

Another creation of Spanish designer Miguel Herranz, Lamp Hola great choice for those who prefer the wavy curves and intricate designs.

Stylish Pendant Light is not functioningonly as an accessory, and a modern chandelier. It has a refined appearance that attracts attention and genuine interest.

wood veneer sheets forming three waves,that hide inside the bulb. Unusual performance of the decor and furnishings can be used both in public and in a residential area, since it offers a perfect balance between sophistication and playfulness.

Bright sculptural hanging lamp in the dining room

Modern dining room with a combination of contrasting textures of Fusion Home

A wonderful sculptural hanging lamp in the dining room

An unusual chandelier brings a special atmosphere to the apartment by Cornerstone Architects

Wonderful sculptural hanging lamp in the bedroom

The elegance of the minimalist bedrooms Vastu

Pendant lights in white

An interesting chandelier in a white version of Michael Knowles

The intertwining of magic!

Silk beauty and charm of the huge flowers,so you can describe the extraordinary lamp by Agatha Luis Eslava Estudio studio. Three elegant variation of the ceiling with its carefully treated wood in appearance reminiscent of a full-blown bud! Despite its expressive form, a device for lighting fits easily into any room dream home.

The sculptural pendant lights in the cafe

Agatha is ideal for rooms with high ceilings

Exquisite sculptural hanging lamp in the living room to dining room

Red cover adds color to the dining room from the industrial Carter Williamson architects

The magnificent sculptural hanging lamp in the outdoor dining area

Notice how the shade is released into space by Carter Williamson architects

The sculptural pendant lights in the cafe

Intelligent ornaments form a dreamy atmosphere in the project by Luis Eslava Studio / Vertigo Home

Unsurpassed sculptural pendant light chocolate color

Unique chocolate shade in the decoration of the Luis Eslava Studio for LZF

We have presented to your look unusual andan impressive collection of decor ideas for the transformation of the living space of the apartment. And you liked these solutions? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below ...

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