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Sculptural design luminaires animalistic style

Sculpture Koi Fish Design lamp from LZF Lamps

Sculptural design fixtures - somethingamazing! Major Italian firm LZF Lamps, specializing in the production of wooden fixtures, to the public its new collection Life-Size Collection, exhibited at Euroluce International Festival in Milan, which was held from 14 to 19 April 2011.

A series of sculptural objects and decorative elements was brought to life the efforts of the owners Marivi Calvo (Calvo Marivaux) and Sandro Tothill (Sandro Tothill).

The history of innovation and bold style seriesmodern art began suddenly when talented professionals to explore new ways of diffusion of light through the use of overlapping rectangular and square wooden elements.

They took a chance: We collected an original design from 4000 veneer parts and installed into light. The result is a fantastic lamp Koi Fish - surreal fish with lattice wood scales.

Beautiful Koi Fish Lamp by LZF Lamps

Later, in New York, in collaboration withInocuo The Sign and Motion Graphics was reconstructed three-dimensional model of the product of translucent fabric. At Euroluce Festival in Milan in 2011, many visitors enjoyed this creative creation, so the creators started designing these masterpieces.

Unique Koi Fish lamp from LZF Lamps

Five years later, the Italians of LZF Lamps, finally,It exposed for everyone to see the result of technical research, conducted in collaboration with artisans and artists. So Koi Fish became the first creative product innovation exhibition of unique masterpieces in natural value.

On the international Euroluce fair in Milan toThis product was added funny animals Funny Farm by illustrator Isidro Ferrer (Ferrer Isidro) and dandelion by Burkhard Dammer (Burkhard Dummer). Original installation attracted the attention of even the most demanding customers for their fantastic silhouettes.

Amazing Koi Fish lamp from LZF Lamps

Twenty years ago, artists have conceivedused as a material for their product textured wood veneer. They patented eco-friendly way of handling this natural material called Timberlite, which allows you to achieve a stunning visual effect: the light seeps through the timber and fills the space magical glow.

Fascinating Koi Fish lamp from LZF Lamps

These gorgeous accessories fit into anyinterior design - not only restrained and traditional, but also industrial. Expressive, refined, eye-catching, they will decorate the room. Agree, no one will refuse to catch in the network designer a big fish! And if it's a fish-lamp, then certainly!

Laconic flake streamlined silhouette, finefins and machined anatomical details make a lasting impression on people. This sculpture accessory helps to focus on any part of the house or on the functional area.

Delightful light Koi Fish by LZF Lamps

On the next photo you can see an exclusive model in the form of funny slonёnka who find a comfortable place in an eclectic living room or nursery.

Creative lamp from LZF Lamps

Lighting by LZF Lamps - this unusual design, light textured wood, quality performance, decent size and soft muted glow.

Product design is developed specialist Manolo Martin (Manolo Martin).

Interior photographing performed a master Santiago Relanzon (Santiago Relanhon).

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