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Round pendant lights for the design of residential premises

Round pendant lights

When a man is going to buy a lamp forhis house, he finds himself in front of almost limitless choice. In recent years, there is a real boom in the design industry, and each new instance, appeared on the market, it seems more attractive last.

However, there are a series of hanging lamps, which, due to its popularity and impeccable style entered the cohort of the best of the best.

Most fans of modern designfamiliar with laconic images from Tom Dixon or models of a series of Moooi Random, which literally radiate charm and romanticism. Today we talk about the three original lamps, each of which can certainly claim to be the style icon.

Embodying the aesthetic of geometricexcellence, these lamps have the ability to shape an atmosphere totally transform space, decoration of which they become. All of them are represented by the Dutch brand Moooi, for many years collaborating with the leading designers of the world.

Dreams Arabian Nights

Luminaires from the series Non Random Lights quickly gaining popularity among homeowners, although less famous than their other colleagues on the brand.

Shape designed Bertyanom Then - this is certainly a departure from the ideal sphere, which, along with the intricate structure generates an attractive model.

Fixtures are made of fiberglass and coated with epoxy resin. So, it would seem, simply created a real masterpiece, which inevitably becomes a focal element of any interior.

Transparent lights
Pendant lights in white

Fixtures Non Random - the ideal choice not only for the public spaces. They delicately emphasize the intimate atmosphere of the bedrooms, and become a full replacement for the bedside lamp.

However, their discreet design and velvety texture is effectively contrasted with contemporary interiors, which are usually dominated by smooth, reflective surface.

Transparent lights in black
Net Shade pendant lamp
Hanging lamp in the kitchen
Large lamps with mesh lampshade
Pendant lights over the dining table
Round lamps with mesh shades

Brilliant symmetry

Continuing the conversation about the pendant luminaires that bring drama into the interiors, we offer to pay attention to Raimond Lamp by Raymond Putsa.

This is a perfect sphere with a variety of miniature LED-lamps, which in an instant fills the space exquisite charm and shining star of the night, we need only to click switch.

It took some time to ensure that thisthe image has become a trend, but today designers all over the world follow in the footsteps of Raymond Putsa in an attempt to recreate the beauty, symmetry and dazzling charm of his masterpiece.

The purity of form and original splendor - the key characteristics of Raimond Lamp, and for those who are looking for an alternative spherical fixtures, the collection has an oval Raimond Zafu.

Round pendant lamp
Hanging lamp in the shape of round
Round lamps in interior
LED-lamp in a circular shape
Hanging lamp with LED lamps
Ceiling lamp with LED lamps
The unusual shape of the ceiling lamp

Efficiency and flexibility

It takes only one look at this unpretentious kind chandelier, which mimics the natural shape of tree branches, there was a burning desire to see her every day in our own interior.

It Heracleum II from Bertyana Pot - an incredibly beautiful lamp that combines rustic simplicity and impeccable modern aesthetics.

The frame pattern is made up of metal wires,and in the manufacture of "leaves" applied technology for applying conductive tracks, allowing them to be remarkably thin and rotate around its axis.

Hanging lamp in the form of wooden branches
The lamp over the table in the form of wooden branches
Hanging lamp in the dining room
The lamp in the form of wooden branches

Every new presentation from Moooi lamps becomes a real event in the world of design. Images that are created under this brand - unconditional trends that are having to pay more.

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