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Round pendant lamps handmade cardboard

Round pendant lamps handmade from Graypants

Today we introduce readers to the fine specimens of handicrafts. Round pendant lights made by American designers and the interior will be a real asset.

Firm Graypants were released from the lamp amazing drum series. They are made in brown, nice round shape of frosted glass.

Unusual handmade lamp from Graypants

Fixtures surprisingly pleasant to look at.

Evenly lit room, they create a stunningly peaceful and romantic atmosphere. Best of all soffits fit into the interior, where the walls and furniture made of wood.

In this case, they look very organic, taking a natural look.

Beautiful handmade lamp from Graypants

But in other areas presented itemsinterior look is no less interesting and surprising. Since manufactured many different models, it becomes very easy to find a suitable option for your specific home.

Round pendant lights are beautiful in their execution. They can be used both residential and commercial premises.

Lamps, despite the eco-friendly materials, durable enough. If they hang somewhere in the country or veranda, even there they will look great and quite organically.

Amazing handmade lamp from Graypants

Typically, commercially available lamp enoughlarge size. Therefore, they are well suited for high ceilings and wide spaces. Hanging them over the table, in the center of the room you will be able to uniformly illuminate the entire space.

Another way to demonstrate this enhancement -on the kitchen table, which forms in the apartment a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. It is great for a leisurely meal and family communication.

If desired, the lamp can be well equipped even in the bedroom, making it more democratic and romantic-looking.

Perhaps our readers, seeing these pictures,We concluded and want to buy yourself one of these original lighting. The change in the interior of at least some of the subject - will give a fresh and new notes will bring into your life!

Beautiful handmade lamps from Graypants

Mounting in the lamp handmade by Graypants

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