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Recessed ceiling lighting. photo design model

Ceiling light by W & W Pool Company

W & W, gorgeous Recessed Downlights, which is able to perfectly complement any decor and style, whether classic or modern.

In addition, it is the ideal solution for public places with a large flow of people: offices, open spaces, exhibition halls, hotel lobbies, hospitals, etc.

Geometric light from W & W Pool Company

Bi-material, metal and organic glass (PMMA), perfectly combined with each other, visually makes technical ceiling lighter, brighter and easier because they are often gloomy and dark.

LED lamp from W & W Pool Company

The mineral landscape, which is obtained as a result, makes the overall style of the room luxurious and complete.

Durable and lightweight materials provide reliability and 5 different models allow each architect to choose, more intimate interior.

Indoor view of lamp W & W from the company Pool

. Module size: 60 × 60 cm The design of the luminaire belongs to Pool, production and assembly - ALTER.

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