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Planning lighting: follow the advice of professionals

Planning Lighting: Tips masters

Planning lighting should come firstplace - this is one of the most important stages of repair. Well-lit interior is like a faceted diamond: he plays, sparkles, draws attention ... It does not matter, do you repair in the new building or updating an podnadoevshy interior.

Today we will tell you all about the lighting plan: what it is, how to make and when to turn to the engineers.

Engineers plan

Engineers plan - is a flowchartlocation of switches, sockets and bulbs. Believe me, if your knowledge in this area is not so deep, ask for help from professional electricians who will coordinate its actions with the designer and will pick the best option.

If you are determined to do their own,then, without special devices and tools is indispensable. In addition to drawing the scheme will need to assess the condition of the wiring and then decide whether changes are needed. Once again, we strongly recommend to hire an experienced master, who in a few hours equip premises with additional switches and sockets.

Wall lamps in the living room interior

Who is the "lighting designer"?

This specialist, to develop unique systems to order. In addition, in special cases, it can create great art installations using illumination.

The profession of an engineer trained more than a year, so you have every right to ask about the level of qualification of a visiting expert.

Should I contact a specialist?

Of course, it is worth! It intelligently design the lighting plan for the non-standard rooms: agree, it is difficult to equip yourself a home theater and an indoor pool, to solve the problem of glare and to consider ways of energy saving?

If the intent is already working on the well-organized team, the lighting designer to optimize the installation process by taking over part of the functions of the architect, so your costs will increase slightly.

How much does the job?

Like many other workers, electrician canrequire an hourly fee for their work. The size of the tariff varies depending on the region and the skill masters, but you have to be willing to pay from 3 to 7 rubles per hour. Large and medium-sized projects are charged at a fixed rate.

Wall lights in the interior of the living room fireplace

Each room requires a special approach. There are several criteria.

Level installation of devices

Here all should hang lights in the bedroom,living room and dining room. Rooms in which we relax and enjoy the food, need to diffuse light. Think in the living room and dining room adjustable lighting.

Bathroom and kitchen require brightness. To cooking was more comfortable, take care of the opportunity to see the surrounding objects in great detail.

If you ever had to work in the kitchen, half black, you know how it is inconvenient and even dangerous.

Pendant lamps in the kitchen interior

Consider the location of outlets

They can be mounted on the walls, the floor, into the inner door cabinets and countertops.

Sufficient power points will save you from having to use multiple plugs and extension cords stretched around the perimeter, and reduce the risk of fire.

Table lamps in the living room interior

What dimmers?

We are used to power regulators equipped with bedrooms, living rooms and dining rooms, but the bathroom and kitchen are in need of them, no less.

Adjustable lighting creates "always the right atmosphere": shred products can be at maximum light, and mix cocktails at a party in a mysterious semi-darkness.

And it's nice to relax in a warm bath, when a muffled light does not tire the eyes and allows you to completely surrender to rest ...

Set switches

Most often, we go into the room and automaticallySharim hand on the wall near the door in search of the coveted lever. The bedroom is very useful backup switch beside the bed, especially if you have given up table lamps and sconces in favor of hanging lamps.

Hanging chandelier in the interior of the bedroom

multistage lighting

Single bowl is reminiscent ofa typical scene from a bad fighters: dark chamber room for interrogation at the police station, where the ceiling wistfully hanging lamp ... These associations can cause "spot" lighting. Movies and jokes off!

The smaller the light source, the more shadows the narrower space appears. It is unlikely that this is what you dream of ...

To create a friendly, disposingatmosphere, you will need to organize three types of light stream: diffuse, directed, and local - that's the terms of an ideal system, allowing to structure the space and focus on the unusual details.


Diffuse - the most popular. The source is above the head, most often it is a chandelier, recessed spotlights but also not uncommon in recent times.

Elegant pendant chandelier in the living room interior


Perfect for work or reading. Table lamp and built-in lights along the lines of the cabinets in the kitchen - the most striking examples. Bra, low false ceiling and track diodes above the work surface perfectly cope with the task.

Wall lamp in the interior recreation areas


Even if you are happy with the combination of scattered anddirectional lighting, properly think about setting the local or spot lamps, which will allocate an interesting element of the interior. For example, a collection of statues or a bookcase, which you are so proud.

Wall lamp for reading in the interior of the room

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