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Pendant lights in wood from the company Claudo Cerno

Suspended wooden lamps in a dark color Claudo

Cerno - a promising Californiacompany specializing in the design and manufacture of lighting equipment. According to its founders, the foundation of any creative process should be to materialize something non-existent, to create what seemed to be impossible.

Employees Cerno enthusiastically look at any task - from large-scale business development projects to develop the concept of switch.

Ceiling light Claudo was created by one of the founders of the company designer Nick Sheridan. This modern structure, showing the natural texture of walnut wood.

Light penetrates partially through the narrow slit,asymmetrically located across the surface of the lampshade. The visual disparity between the natural warmth of wood and the sharpness of form design creates a special charm and appeal Claudo design.

There are several models that differ in the method of positioning on the ceiling. Possible materials - natural and fumed nut.

Suspended wooden lamp Claudo by Cerno
The square shape of the lamp Claudo Cerno
Ceiling mount lamp Claudo by Cerno

Image Claudo fully characterizes the author's style of Nick Sheridan, formed under the influence of family traditions and rich nature of California.

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