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Original table lamp from the Live / Work

The original hexagonal table lamp with shade

Original table lamp Brandon Reyvenhila

Now designers are increasingly added to the interiorunusual elements in the geometric style, considering their favorable option for the decoration of rooms. With their help, you can control the space, to attract the attention of visitors and express their individuality.

The founder of the studio Live / Work designer BrandonReyvenhil introduced the world to the original table lamp with an interesting shade - six geometrical faces. The subject fits perfectly into the interior of the cabinet, decorated in any style.

The original table lamp with a shade made of steel

Shade table lamp

The base of the lamp issix-millimeter steel plate with folding on both sides of the small stand. Outside, it is painted in gray metallic color, and the inside - in beige.

With this painting, and an additional protective layer of light when the lamp is on during the day, will not seem so bright, but at night it will be enough for the job.

Original table lamp: beige interior side

Bottom painted light beige color

Table lamp valued at $ 400.

Original table lamp gray

Desk lamp is convenient to adjust

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