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Original lighting solutions storey country house

Practical solutions for home lighting

Proper lighting solutions can create inany home living and attractive atmosphere in which the occupants will feel most comfortable. A striking example of this is one-storey country house located in one of the areas of Scotland, which belongs to the category of so-called Passivhaus. A distinguishing feature of this type of structures is to have strict limitations on the amount of electricity that can be used per unit area.

That is why the architect who worked onAccording to the project, it was necessary to seek alternatives that would allow to fill all the room necessary amount of daylight. As a result, the simple façade of a long corner building decorated with huge windows, and the roof - transparent rectangular opening hatches.

Lighting Solutions: skylights in the house

The interior space was divided intomultiple zones, each of which has a stylish décor with bright colors and great size. So here came a spacious living room, the combined dining room and kitchen, 3 bedrooms, a cinema room and numerous outbuildings.

The windows of all the bedrooms are located on the east, to theirhome every day can enjoy the sunrise. Thanks to panoramic glazing from almost all rooms offer stunning views of the magnificent mountain scenery.

Lighting Solutions: spotlights in the interior

The heating system consists of several wood-burning stoves and electric heater installed in the bathroom, which allows home owners to significantly reduce energy costs.

Lighting Solutions: original lamps over the table

And would you like to live in a cottage?

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