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Original lamp in the interior: photo composition by Dana Wolter

Original lamp: high lamp with a white lampshade in the living room

Project Cheryl Burke Interior Design

It is difficult to imagine the interior, in which noIt is tubes. But the lighting world is not only diverse, but also amazing. With luminaires can complete conceived image of the room, give it a certain character, for example, playful, dreamy, romantic, add to it the charm, elegance and impeccable visual style to emphasize. Original lamp will give the desired effect!

In design there is a separate direction associated with the light, and every year there are thousands of delicious and unique chandeliers.

In this topic, readers may see somegreat ideas of decoration of rooms for different purposes, which are created in particular due to the original lamp-stand. They are, in spite of the mainstream conservation space with hanging and wall models proved to be very popular.

At the same time, and lampshades, and stand alone are worthy of attention. Each of these items often seems self-sufficient and is a sculptural addition to the carefully thought-out interior.

Lamp-holder in a country house interior design

In many modern design projectsliving rooms and bedrooms often seen stylish and exquisite lamps, allowing gently illuminate the room and focus the flow of light in its specific area.

The variety of existing configurations, materials and colors allows the inspired to the embodiment of new ideas in the design.

How else can come up with exciting options, if you replace just one part lamp, elegant stand on rude and seemed to be quite unsuitable for residential homes tripod.

However, how can you make sure this itemIt may be exactly the link through which can combine each object in the room together. For example, it can be used as a contrasting accent, emphasizing the elegance and lightness of the interior. Or become an indispensable touch to the trendy decorated space.

Coral color lamps in marine style interior design

Project W Design Interiors

Black lamp - bright accent interior design

Project Dana Wolter

But not only plays a tripod configurationrole in the establishment of a particular image. Equally important is the shape, material and the selected shade lampshade. Of course, in most cases, its silhouette resembles a cylinder or a truncated cone, so designers are more and more attention to the appearance of its surface.

Look at how amazing and modIt looks ceiling, decorated with a metal, especially in the group of no less delightful fixtures. It may also look luxurious and felt hat, especially if he is one of the main elements of decor for the house, or the only bright accent in black and white interior.

The combination of different lamps in kitchen design studio interior

Project Dana Wolter

Gray light to match the overall color scheme bedroom

Project Dana Wolter

Peach lamp - bright bar kitchen interior design

Project Dana Wolter

Quite an interesting idea can be called uploadsin the refined design of such parts, which, at first glance, it does not match. But even rough-looking tabletop tripod and, if hastily put together from boards may look naturally and effectively.

Rough tripod lamp in an elegant living room interior design

Project Dana Wolter

I would also like to draw attention to the carefulnessselection of the designers of each item as it was done by the studio Cravotta Interiors. In the living room they have created there is harmony: all shapes, textures, colors and textures complement each other.

In particular, drapery lampshade lamp displayed the confidence and neat folds of curtains, and a beautiful wood pattern. A sleek metal tripod fully complies furniture accessories.

Material and color of the lamp indicates the overall interior design style

Project Cravotta Interiors

The proportions and symmetry in the interior

It's no secret that the interior looksharmoniously only when there observed proportions. Even the most beautiful and stylish designer furniture will look ridiculous if its value is not commensurate with the size of the room.

Thus, the compact objects in a spacious room withhigh ceilings are like toy. And great things difficult occupy all the available space, but also makes it uncomfortable, uninhabitable.

Of course, with the help of disproportion can befocus on some particular fashion accessory, but only in exceptional cases. Note that this rule is applicable not only for decoration but also for the rest of the interior.

Therefore, choosing a bright and spectacular model lamp as the lamp on a tripod, you should always keep this in mind.

The lamp on a tripod focuses on the recreation area

The project by Dunlap Design Group, LLC

I would also like to add that the great importanceto create a harmonious and stylish space is symmetry. I'm sure many have noticed that there is a kind of mirror world magical effect paired items:.. Two chairs, a couple of cabinets, lamps, etc. The walls of rooms though apart and create the visual illusion of space and freedom.

The symmetry in the arrangement of lamps

The project by Elad Gonen

One of the fashion trends of contemporary designInterior dining and living room can be called the use of large-sized fixtures. However, applying the model on the tripod, you should be careful. Even a massive stand to upset the balance, leaving the rest of the appeal of a room becomes less noticeable.

You also need to remember that used toYour lights should interact, complement, but not overlap each other radiation fluxes. Otherwise, the cut-off effect distorts the space and make it uncomfortable.

Interaction with other tripods light fittings

Project Elad Gonen

Lamps as individual touches general living style

Project Ruhl Walker Architects

A variety of lamps in the interior design of the room

Project Ruhl Walker Architects

Massive lamp in conjunction with a miniature lamp on a table

Project Urban Jobe Architecture

The lamp-stand to complement the cozy atmosphere

Project FINNE Architects

Spotlight - effective lighting option

Special chic to bring home interiors suchmodel as spotlights, floodlights, commonly used by photographers when placing light. Their bright, clear directional beam literally cuts the space and draws attention not only to its configuration as to the environment.

However, their specific design looks original, impressive and harmoniously in any room, whether it is a delightful village house, or living in an industrial fashion style.

Especially great spotlights and floodlightsfit into apartments, rooms, loft-style rooms and other options that mimic the style of the sensational Soho (Soho style). They seem specifically designed for such interiors.

Unusual use of spotlights for interior design penthouse

Photo by Merle Prosofsky / by Thirdstone Inc.

Powerful stream spotlight profitable emphasizes the texture of the wall

Draft Fine Focus Photography

Unexpected location of the spotlight under the stairs

Project Go Nautical Collections

It is clear that the decoration of the house with the use of bright lights on tripods - pretty bold and somewhere glamorous solution that not many people are willing to accept.

However, designers are constantly improving theirmold decorating rack matte or glossy metal parts, vintage patterns, creating a stunning and unusual ceiling that will certainly find its place in many projects.

And, of course, these hot, causing yet stylish models now provide the basis for the grandiose "comeback" in 2014.

Wooden Tripod floodlight tripod

Project Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Glamorous spotlight in the design of feminine living room

Studio 01 project

Spotlight in interior design children's room

Project Shannon Rosat Interiors

The lamp on a tripod: a contrasting accent or harmonious add-on?

If you're determined to draw a house withsuch models of lamps and have already decided on their size, do not forget to pay attention to the shape and shade lamp shade, configuration and material of the rack, as well as the overall style of the lamp.

In this case, you can use one of twoapproaches: either use a light source as an organic element, constituting a kind of composite group with other objects in the room, or, conversely, to place with the help of clear, perhaps contrasting accents.

For example, you plan to decorate the living room brightpanels more interesting picture, prints on the wall, and so on. d., but at the same time do not want to turn it into a rainbow space. Consequently, the interior of the need to balance the items in neutral colors. In this case, the lamp on a tripod should not attract the attention of any shape or color.

Spotlight in contrast with the white lamp

Project Andrew Suvalsky Designs

If, in your opinion, is not enough roomsomething catchy, upbeat, add into it elegant and attractive things. And, of course, presented an option often provides a variety of models of the lamp, which will complement one or more pieces of furniture.

Lamp-holder in the original living room interior design

Project Andrew Suvalsky Designs

But no less impressive, you can call the reception whenLamp is not certain composition with individual objects interior, but on the general background. As an example, model name concise form, which matches the hue tone walls. For sure you will notice how elegant it looks.

Pink tripod lamp in tone with pink wicker chair

Project Insignia Homes

Lamps with tripod can perfectlyused for the decoration of children's rooms. Designers often offer projects with interesting decor for the home, which help to develop in children and adolescents a sense of aesthetics and style.

In a paper presented at the photo below, you cansee the delightful room with a variety of textures, bold colors, trendy lamps (one floor, the second - reading, but apparently similar to each other).

At first glance, it is impossible to determine who in the family belongs to a beautiful room. Only drawings on the walls, and the small size chair reveal this secret.

Coffee light in tone color of the walls

Project Insignia Homes

As mentioned above, configurations and usingcolor nuances floor lamps can be accents, balance space, emphasize the elegance of the interior. For example, a tripod made of wood not only appropriate in country houses, but also allows you to specify the environmental project as a whole.

Different Light - the balance of the children's room space

Project Insignia Homes

A black shade - it is not easy to extravagant and daring decision. It's spectacular and an integral part of the fashionable and extremely stylish concept.

Eco-friendly wooden tripod lamps

Dvira Project - Interior Design Toronto

If the project is based on a modern homeelegance and ease, you should choose the appropriate models of lighting devices with virtually invisible metal racks, laconic forms and neutral shades lampshades.

Saucy black color lamp simple interior design

Project Rikki Snyder / DWR

High lamp on tripod - easy complement the overall color gamut space

Project Charlie & Co. Design

The fantastic form of the modern world

The design idea is continually updated. Talented authors annually offer incredible design standard lamps, which are sometimes dictated by current trends in interior design. Some of them are successfully used for the decoration of fashion theme parties or as scenery for a fantastic movie.

The most sensational configuration arethe object of discussion of many publications and critics. But even the most unimaginable variations that cause and delight and bewilderment, and admiration for, and rejection, are proof of inexhaustible talent of contemporary artists. And, of course, each of them has a hard right to exist, but also can help to express your individuality and an unusual perception of the world.

White lamp tripod - complement pastel color scheme

Project Laura Wiedmann Interior Design

The unconventional lamp shade in a simple style

Project Laura Wiedmann Interior Design

The unique wooden tripod lamp in harmony with the overall style of a child's room

Marie Burgos Design Project

Transparent lamp in the center of the room

Project Niche Interiors

Wooden tripod in combination with a wooden chest of drawers and an inscription on the wall

Project Cheryl Burke Interior Design

Unusual lamp tripod in interior design children's room

Project Cheryl Burke Interior Design

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