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Original hanging lamp with glass lampshade

Unique pendant lights Capsula by Lucie Koldova

Czech designer Lucie Koldova designed quite original hanging lamp «Capsula» ( «Capsule"), which looks like a giant plant seeds.

The housing consists of two capsulesoval shape and is made of glass of different colors, so that when light passes through them, then poured around the room the original mixture of light spectrum.

Bright hanging lamp Capsula by Lucie Koldova

Regular readers interested dizainall site that Lucie Koldova was born and raised in the Czech Republic, where he graduated from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.

In 2009, she moved to the French capital city of Paris, where for several years running a furniture designer in the studio of one of the most successful industrial designer Arik Levy world.

Beautiful hanging lamp from Capsula Lucie Koldova

In 2012, Lucy creates his own studioand continues to work for international clients who have already get. Between 2007 and 2013 she participated in 44 prestigious international exhibitions, where he received well-deserved awards.

As early as 2010 a talented woman tookblown original glass products under the name "Muffins" and "balloons" to the Czech company «Brokis». Currently, Lucy continues to experiment with different lighting elements, made of original materials, developing new techniques of glass blowing.

Unique pendant lights Capsula by Lucie Koldova

The exclusive combination of the outer shell transparent, glass like the dew, and the internal capsule of colored glass creates an exciting form and the optical illusion of 3D.

The inner capsule is fixed with special tubular light source, which is fixed by means of wooden plugs, which are dielectric or insulator.

Glass bottle for a pendant lamp by Capsula Lucie Koldova

The whole structure is suspended on a thin electrical wires black and is made up of multi-colored capsules, the light of which adds to the original interior design of a kind of charm.

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