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Organize LED lighting in the house

LED lighting and pendant lights in the interior of the kitchen

Today we will learn how to organize LED lighting, which will not only transform the living space, but also to fill it with a barely noticeable glow.

Lighting design - the art and sciencesimultaneously. Rooms noticeably transformed, when you find a balanced combination of the basic light output and built-in lighting. With the help of this simple reception, you can easily draw attention to an interesting architectural element or design tricks.

So, we proceed to the installation of the lighting system!

Determine the total power

Room size, multiply by a factor of 1.5. That will have a total amount of electricity that would be required to cover the selected area.

Tip: when you install fixtures in the kitchen, try a combination of wide-angle shades (for soft and diffused radiance) with focused sources over the stove, sink and counter.

Ceiling lights in the interior of the kitchen

Kitchen from CORE Architects

We determine the right amount of lighting

The total amount of watts of power to divide the selected lamps.

Recommendation:diode lamps are increasingly becoming a popular solution for the decoration of the house and a great alternative to halogen models. In addition, they look great in any interior - is not only modern, but also classic.

Ceiling lights in the interior of the kitchen

Designed by Bunker Workshop

Install lighting evenly throughout the room space. Once you have decided on the total capacity and the amount of light, consider options for the location of the apartment.

Carefully mark the location in the ceiling lights

Leave at least two feet between them - this is the optimal distance at which you want to place the lights. Try to find a balance between the degree of illumination lamps and diode tape.

Tip: If you live in a high-rise building with an unusual concrete ceilings, consult a professional electrician to conduct a reliable and secure system.

Wall light in the interior of the living room

Tropical Living by Causa Design Group

Use a special device to control the degree of illumination

With the help of the dimmer can control the brightness,increasing or decreasing the capacity. One rotation of the toggle switch can dim the lights and create magic intimate atmosphere, filling the atmosphere of mystery ...

Dimmers save electricity and, as a consequence, cherish the extra penny on utility costs.

Recommendation: do not install dimmers for all fixtures. Suffice several multifunction devices in different rooms.

Table lamps and ceiling lights in the interior of a bedroom

Bedroom from Best Builders ltd

Create a focal point

Select the light interior. You can help sconces or table lamps with direct flow direction. Use the rotating diodes ceiling swivel to focus the light on a particular area.

Tip: Devices directional light ideal for the interior. When installing, ensure that the suite of furniture or other three-dimensional objects do not obstruct the lights.

Ceiling lights in the living room interior

Guest cabin from Christian Gladu Design

Combine different light sources in the bathroom

This bold move is guaranteed to give excellent results. Built above the mirror lamps highlight profitable dresser. Very comfortable shave or apply makeup.


For bathroom design, purchase electrical appliances with a high degree of resistance to high humidity.

Ceiling lights in the interior of the bathroom

Bathroom from Sullivan Design Studio

Multifunctional lighting outdoors

On the veranda or terrace also set a lamp that can withstand the harsh effects of rain, snow or water spray.

Tip: If you build a new house or doing major repairs, refer to qualified personnel only!

Lighting facade of the mansion

Art Nouveau façade from Stelle Lomont Rouhani Architects

We are completing the review of the main ideas of decor and recommendations for installing a hidden LED backlight.

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