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Organize home lighting: think over svetoskhemu

Set home lighting

Before you update your furniture and decide on major repairs, think about it: could be the beginning of change for home lighting?

Today, we'll take the next virtualjourney across the expanses of the portal. Your attention will be presented with recommendations and advice on the organization of the illumination system that is not only visually transform your home, but also add comfort.

Of course, the light plays a major role: sets the mood, it helps to highlight the benefits or highlight certain areas. Without this important architectural details, artwork and interior accessories can go undetected.

The light in unexpected places

Think about adding luminaires in unusual corners, for example, hang a chandelier in the bathroom.

Crystal chandelier in an interior bathroom

Great idea - to use niches and ledges to install diode bulbs. Pay attention to the mysterious flickering ceiling above the cylindrical mantel.

Beautiful floor lamp in the modern interior bedroom

You can set different colored LEDs to accentuate the conceptual objects.

Pendant lights in the interior of the kitchen

Original blue lights on the edge of the ceiling and along the stone wall add expressiveness dining.

Hanging chandelier in the interior dining area

House with fantastic illumination looks flashy, eccentric!

Luxury crystal chandelier in the interior of the hall

Highlight LED-ribbon silhouette of the cabinet, giving it a mystery ...

Ceiling lights in the interior of the kitchen

Multi-level lighting system

For decoration at home, use all three levels of illumination: top, work and accent. Twilight diluted bedroom ceiling lamps, bedside reading lights and lamps at the head of the bed.

Hanging chandelier in the interior living area

Set in the room several lighting fixtures at different levels.

An unusual chandelier in an interior hallway area

Kitchen and sparkle rays emanating their multiple sources.

Pendant lights in the dining room interior

3. Installation of lighting control

Dimmer - an inexpensive device that allows you to control the quality and quantity of light.

Unique chandelier in the dining room interior

Imperceptible device will help reduce electricity costs.

Hanging chandelier in the interior dining area

4. The use of decorative lampshades

One of the quickest ways to update the appearance of an unusual house - is to replace outdated fixtures with more modern models.

Hanging chandelier in the interior of a bedroom

Combine chandeliers and sconces from different collections. See how effectively blends fashionable table lamp with round shade and a fantastic multi-faceted star near the ceiling.

Hanging chandelier in the bedroom

Look how well-placed in the living room wall sconces, LED strip hidden in the ceiling and an elegant chandelier.

Crystal chandelier hanging in a hallway area

You might want to replace heavy lighting lighter and more airy lamps.

Pendant lights in the interior of the kitchen

The original chandelier from the company CSN Lighting - metal lampshade exquisite silhouette will please even the most discerning connoisseurs.

Unique chandelier from CSN Lighting

Bronze lamp in the Oriental style is characterized by LampClick graceful design and subtle shade cloth. The perfect addition to the exquisite interior!

Unique lamp from LampClick

5. Focused lighting

Directional Lights attracts and fascinates ...

Wall lamp in the bathroom

Select home furnishings that you want to select, and turn to him the source of the direct rays. Most likely to stay on the bra, with which you will draw attention to the paintings or sculptures.

Wall sconce in the interior living area

To simulate daylight in the room to help cool the lamp shade of blue.

Lighting in the interior dining area

The chandelier in the dining room should hang at a distance of 50 cm from the table, with its size can not exceed half the width of the countertop.

Antique chandelier in the dining room interior

Point downlights enough for a small room.

Lamp in the interior living area

Frosted translucent glass ceiling to lose light glare in the kitchen. Position lamp height of 50 cm above the working surface.

Cone-shaped ceiling in the interior of the kitchen

Use powerful spotlights in studios and art workshops.

Pendant lights in the interior of the kitchen

Experts recommend installing ceiling spotlights in front of designer furniture to create a comfortable environment to relax.

Ceiling lights in the interior of the room for rest

Tell us in the comments what you decide to upgrade? How to transform your apartment?

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