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Neon lights - photo development Neon Mfg Company

White neon sign

Seeing your own name, shining neon lights must be very strange. But motivating inscription, slogan, funny or dramatic character in this performance gain a completely different meaning.

More recently, we have learned of the existence of the companyNeon Mfg, which produces, sells and accepts orders for manufacturing of neon ornaments for the home. Imagine a call that drives you at this time of life, burning bright light on the wall of one of the rooms. Whether it is an expression of love, courage and perplexities, to ignore such a powerful statement, you simply can not.

Motivational slogan of neon signs

These plain neon signs, of course,spectacular, but this is not important. They have the ability to really influence the consciousness of man, directing his thoughts on track. And then it is extremely important to choose the correct image. The phrase «What If» ( «What if"), placed at the head of the bed, remind you of how important it is to dream.

A masterful call «Hustle» ( «Hurry") willvery appropriate over the front door, so you can charge it with energy before you go to work that morning. Specifically, this sample has the following parameters: 27 centimeters long, 11.5 - in height and 7.5 - thick.

Creative of neon signs

Glowing pink heart can be puton the table or bookshelf, where it will shine as a symbol of eternal love. Another option - to place it on the window sill to raise the spirits hurrying passers-by about their business.

The famous saying of Pablo Picasso's «Youth Has NoAge »(« There is no age of youth ") will be a wonderful gift to anyone. «Let's Get Weird» ( «Let seemed»), «Who Dares Wins» ( «Who dare, first served"), or «No Regrets» ( «Down with regret") - just a few examples from the extensive range of Neon Mfg.

Danger sign of neon lights
Word of neon lights
The motto of the life of the neon lights
The inscription of neon lights

According to the creators of the project, people are interested in the acquisition of neon signs for your interiors. But book in enterprises for the production of promotional items are quite expensive.

The official online store Neon Mfg, which waslaunched in January this year, offers to purchase high-quality signage, designed exclusively for indoor use, as low as 125 to 160 dollars.

White lettering of neon lamps
Reflection on the ground from the inscription of neon lights
Green neon lights lettering
A cloud of neon lights
Heart of neon lights

Currently Neon Mfg deliverstheir products only within the United States and Canada, but we hope that in the coming months the situation will change. And while there is time to consider what idea you want to express through stunningly spectacular neon.

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