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Modern lighting in the interior of the house

Modern home lighting

Let's talk about the current coverage and its ability to add atmospherics. How to add a stylish light into the interior of the classical type? Here are some practical advice.

repeat finish

Brass inserts table perfectly duplicated on a thin leg lamp, creating a spectacular sculptural.

Table lamp with unusual shapes
Nothing complicated

Suspension in a wicker basket in a rural charming traditional bedroom.

Wicker pendant lamp
Interlocking shapes

Frame chandelier round shape closely follows the contours of the room.

Unusual hanging chandelier in the interior
animates space

Elegant wall mounted Nouveau dilutes the tranquil atmosphere of the room.

Wall unusual chandelier
Mixing styles

Industrial silhouette table lamp will be an original addition to the bedroom and neutral shades enhance dynamics.

Table lamp with unusual shapes
notes of fantasy

Pendant lamps with a playful floral print bring freshness and quirkiness in the snow-white kitchen.

Suspended chandelier with a print in the interior of the kitchen
Graphic coordinator

Round ceiling terracotta shade colonial style reminiscent of the hot African sun ...

Table Lamp in the interior of a bedroom

create a casual

Luxury open geometric chandelier will be an important structural element in an eclectic room.

Hanging chandelier unusual shape

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