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Modern designer lamps from designer Hans Kotter

Modern designer lamps Big Bang from the Viennese designer Hans Kotter, Austria

It is difficult to imagine the interior, in which noIt is tubes. But the lighting world is not only diverse, but also amazing. With the help of lamps can perfectly complete the image of the room, give it a certain character, for example, playful, thoughtful, romantic, give it a charm, sophistication and impeccable design to emphasize the style. Original lamp will give the desired effect! In design there is a separate direction associated with the light, and every year there are thousands of delicious and unique chandeliers. Modern designer lamps have very specific external image, but they will be able to go to any great decor.

In the world there is always a place of things that canto silence even the most pragmatic minds. Fans of all extraordinary and extravagant can rejoice. And it is with them in the first place divided the site Design Museum this information.

Rays lamp Big Bang by Viennese designer Hans Kotter, Austria

In Vienna, at the Museum of Modern Art is storedexhibit, which even among the other interesting things still stands out in a special way and catches the eye. This original design Big Bang designer Hans Kotter. The unusual design of the lamp is made in the form of a downright "jump out" of light rays. It looks very bizarre product.

Tint bright palette of the interior of the subject wassustained in a gentle and neutral monochrome colors: pure white, gray. This created a great and extraordinary installation, fitting into any environment.

Lamps can remarkably decorate decoration aged in different stylistic directions. This makes them more functional and practical to use.

Unusual radiant lamp Big Bang by Viennese designer Hans Kotter, Austria

You can have different attitudes to the application sideelite design development, but one thing is certain. Such things can distract from the monotony of everyday life, to withdraw from the dull reality into the world of bright and spectacular.

The design idea is continually updated. Talented authors annually offer incredible design standard lamps, which are sometimes dictated by current trends in interior design. Some of them are successfully used for the decoration of fashion theme parties or as scenery for a fantastic movie.

The most sensational configuration arethe object of discussion of many publications and critics. But even the most unimaginable variations that cause and delight and bewilderment, and admiration for, and rejection, are proof of inexhaustible talent of contemporary artists. And, of course, each of them has a hard right to exist, but also can help to express your individuality and an unusual perception of the world.

Creative radiant lamp Big Bang by Viennese designer Hans Kotter, Austria

Customised stylistic executionpresented model will give your room an atmosphere of greater expressive notes. Designer lamps are perfect in their execution. They can be used both residential and commercial premises.

Your usual interiors intricatelychange of scattered light bulbs. Perhaps our readers, seeing these pictures, draw conclusions and want to buy yourself one of these original lighting. The change in the interior of at least a single object - will give a fresh and new notes will bring into your life!

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