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Modern designer lamps from artist Ingo Maurer

Modern designer lamps collection lamps Der Lichtpoet by Ingo Maurer

Dear guests of the fashion portal, welcome you! In today's article we will talk about the unusual interior, which looks very mysterious. Modern designer lamps shake the world today interior compositions.

When birds fly in the air, circling butterflies in flight, glowing companions send messages, then at least you know that there is a world of light poetry collection.

But not in the form of text and voice, and by artful lighting by designer Ingo Maurer. Light that not only decorate the room, but exudes depth, warmth and humanity.

German designer originally from the island of Reichenau(Reichenau), was born in 1932. Today, at the age of 80, he looks young and fit. First, he studied typography profession in Munich. In 1960 - I went to America, where he worked as a designer in New York and San Francisco.

When he returned to Munich in 1966, he founded the firm Design M, engaged in lighting engineering design concepts and create specialized fixtures.

His desk lamp Bulb was internationalbreakthrough. The same thing happened with the subsequent constructions, for example, with elegantly simple lamp Savoie. It positions itself as a hanging lamp with an ordinary beauty undisguised bulbs.

Lucellino like a pear with angel wings made from goose feather. It has almost become a separate brand.

This will help create the interior mystical and creative environment that will amaze and attract a keen eye for its unique and spectacular appearance.

Design designs are often copiedNiedervoltsystem Ya Ya Ho. For example, a hanging lamp Hot Achille, or table lamp Mozzkito, which pinched wires. Since the beginning of the 80s Ingo Maurer engaged in the installation of lighting systems for business centers, private houses and public places.

And a little poetry, we found a beautiful poem:

"All the variety, all the charm, all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow."

Leo Tolstoy.

Designer lamps are perfect in its execution. They can be used both residential and commercial premises.

Perhaps our readers, seeing these pictures,We concluded and want to buy yourself one of these original lighting. The change in the interior of at least one object - will give a freshness and bring new tone in your life!

Der Lichtpoet Floor lamps from Ingo Maurer
Large pendant lamp Der Lichtpoet by Ingo Maurer
Toreshr Der Lichtpoet with a print of Ingo Maurer
Floor lamps in inetrere Der Lichtpoet by Ingo Maurer

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