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Modern design lighting wire from the Studio Beam

Sketch Modern designer lamps from Studio Beam

Dear guests of the fashion portal, welcome you! In today's article we will tell about an unusual piece of furniture that looks very mysterious. Modern designer lamps are made with love and will not leave you indifferent.

Today we introduce you to the most interesting and beautiful design Sketch lamps. She designed and developed by professional writers architectural company from the studio Studio Beam.

Collectible Series lighting andSketch collection device is a marvelous mess modern noise. They represent the desire of society to chaos, pollution and attention deficit syndrome in the divine image purified structural loop.

A collection of elements has a delicate and subtle modernart, in which juicy bent wires in the elegant image seep through suspension. They are unique and suitable for home, office and commercial premises subject, creating a warm and relaxed atmosphere. All products are made by masters using manual labor. A silver soldering and powder paint finish and sleek sophisticated image.

Currently, for the convenience of customers tomarket products shipped in five tinting schemes: pure white, agate, emerald, sapphire and burgundy. To add an external fulfillment of special aesthetic and expressive customer can order the power cord in a different shade. This will give the general engineering composition expressive and seductive look.

The line of fixtures with new ideas in designIt includes: a diamond pendant crystallized carbon composition, wall lamp, the circuit under pressure, the model of "big girls need huge diamonds" (Elizabeth Taylor), suspension by Marco, a thin tube with juicy curved wires and lamps Marco.

The refined model Gropius in 1919 pays tributerespect for one of the great artistic movements of the XX century - Bauhaus. Romanov Lamp (Romanov), inspired by a line in the sky Russian architecture and mysterious lamp Elena (Elena) with sensual and mysterious contours represents the name, meaning shining light.

Extravagant lamp Sketch of the Studio Beam

The development of these extravagant and amazinghome decor elements engaged in engineering Studio beam Bureau. It was founded in the largest Israeli city of Tel Aviv, and is engaged in designing and manufacturing of unique and exclusive lighting products.

The Master and the company's specialists like challengesdesign and retain an extremely dynamic approach to the interior design process. In their work, each stage begins from a different starting point - technology, material or conceptual. A clever design techniques implemented in order to achieve synergies between the design of the real shape and technology.

Variety Sketch lamp by Studio Beam

Optimum illumination system can formin the space of a gentle and comfortable environment. In this regard, modern architects and designers have designed a collection of original and exclusive interior items of various forms, shapes and sizes, from tall floor lamps to floor fascinating chandeliers.

All products are harmoniously united by a common stylistic design, which involves the use of lampshade instead of steel rods of various shades.

The lampshade is made of steel rods
Multi-storey elongated shape lamp

Talented specialists have designed and demonstrated a range of public attention the public collection of decorative elements and accessories of various shapes and dimensions.

In their creative works can be found stylish floor lamps, wall sconces exceptional, stunning chandeliers, ceiling and table lamps.

Lampshade chandelier made of red aluminum rods

Unusual design of devices and illumination devices have very specific external image. Nevertheless, it is perfect for any home decor.

The shape resembles a lampshade fan
The design of the lamp

Notice how eccentric and creativeIt looks collectible series of fixtures, made in an amazing manner. They can decorate not only the classic apartments, but also modern interior due to its spectacular and colorful performance. Impressive form and stunning contours bring the atmosphere of the room a special charm and ease. It complements the overall image of the design.

Collection devices

Objects have a functional illuminationdestination and an extensive area of ​​use. They can not just hang from the ceiling, and put on the floor in the form of a floor lamp. It forms in the space of a stunning visual impression.

The lamps can be suspended and floor

In the process of decorating the house special expressiveness and charming atmosphere give exceptional creative lamp with electrical cords, designed in rich colors.

Colored electrical cords

Look at the next picture. What a charming and colorful light shade exude these unusual accessories.

Colorful light lamp shade

All models are equipped with lighting equipment are special lights with original shapes and interesting design spiral filament.

Bulbs with original designs spiral filament

Unusual and fascinating piece of furnitureSketch is a delightful example of how you can bring to life the wonderful and fantastic decor elements. It can transform a living space, fill it with originality and comfort.

Accessory Designs designed and Implemented by experts Studio Beam architectural company.

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