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Lights in the old-style interior garden

Creative lamp on a table

Shed by Julie Ranee Photography

Imagine living in the middle of the XIX century, when more homes were not connected to electricity and many people living in rural areas.

While oil and kerosene lamps andlanterns were used not only for comfort, but also for functional purposes. With them, workers could work after sunset or read a book at the end of a tiring day.

Today we will demonstrate to your eyesseveral options of unique lighting in vintage style, which will be its spectacular appearance and unusual structure to transform the modern home decor.

Living room with fireplace

Living by Visbeen Architects

Currently, many designers andhomeowners use the old lamps and lights, as they can not only fill the living room stunning radiance and warmth, but also great to transform the apartment design.

The owners of this house in the city of Grand RapidsUS Michigan, developed by experts of the workshop Visbeen Architects, possess impressive shelves and racks with oil lamps in a silver case.

Although these devices come in all shapes and sizes, almost all of them have a similar structure: a container for fuel adjustable wick and glass chimney.

Bathroom with rustic decor

Toilet by Lynne Barton Bier - Home on the Range Interiors

This bathroom decor with rustic housedecorated with unique modern sconces, personifying their external appearance the old kerosene lamp. These traditional products of the XIX century had a solid metal structure, a shield of flame, and handles for safe transport.

Vivid detail in the nursery

Children from The Yellow Cape Cod

This series of small lanterns made of red metalwonderful harmony in the background black and the white walls of the rack. Bright colors attract attention to them, and the glass enclosure allows light to penetrate freely into space.

Oil lamps on the table in the courtyard

Courtyard by Risinger Homes

The interior of this building has been punctuatedstunning and expressive lamp, located on the practical desk. The sculptural shape of the product and the fuel rich red color brings to the space of the premises incredible charm and creativity.

Hanging oil lamp on the balcony

Balcony by Historical Concepts

Some of the old oil lamps were manufactured in the form of a hinged design that allows them to fill the space dazzling and flawless glow.

This design project of the Historical studioConcepts metal fixtures were used on the terrace for a similar purpose. Author in their manufacture has applied the recovered parts of the old manufacturing and modern electrical wiring.

High lights on the facade of the mansion

Hallway by Historical Concepts

These high lights have a metal plate for the cabinet, which was previously used for the maximum reflection of lights and filling the space glare.

Note the previous photograph,which showcased the unique light fixtures in the new building in the US city of South Carolina Spring Island, Developed by Historical Concepts. Designers have tried to make the facade of the mansion the appearance of the old stables.

Porch with a lantern on the table

Balcony from Lands End Development - Designers & Builders

Soft light of the lantern on the porch, where the decorationdeveloped agency Lands End Development, demonstrates the impressive vintage atmosphere. Although the practicality of such lighting is low, their external image makes it possible to create a nostalgic atmosphere in the apartment.

We present to you the unmatcheda selection of gorgeous models, lamps and vintage fixtures can transform the apartment and filled atmosphere amazing comfort and warmth. Do you like these accessories and home furnishings? Share with us the views in the comments below ...

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