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Wonderful design with light dressing Organization

Well-lit and organized closets

All visitors of the Museum of Design, good timedays. Certainly, each of us every time suffering to find the necessary things in her wardrobe? So why not solve this problem with the help of wireless lighting devices? Carefully look at a few ideas on how to configure them.

Wall and ceiling lamps

Let's start with the device 980 MB Battery-OperatedIndoor / Outdoor Motion-Sensing LED Ceiling Light, which can be set for 5 minutes. Feeling the movement in the area of ​​15 meters, the light automatically turns on and turns off when idle after 30 seconds.

Beautiful interior dressing room with the organization of lighting LED Ceiling Light

Light unit for cabinet

Fulcrum 30015 9-LED is mounted with screws and mounting tape. It can be easily removed to use as an emergency light.

Interior lighting with wardrobe organization Fulcrum 30015 9-LED

Convenient light source

Pegasus Lighting's LED with remote control, in order to facilitate the process of its inclusion. Swivel head allows you to direct the lamp to the desired location.

Design wardrobe with the organization of lighting Pegasus Lighting's LED

The perfect solution

Insta Bulb is very easy to use. Simply pull the cord!

Lamp for lighting closets and cabinets Insta Bulb

What could be simpler

LED lightening

This option is smoothly and linearly illuminates the dark cupboards. KEDSUM Automatic 8-LED consists of 8 bright lights that react quickly to move around the room and lit.

Design wardrobe with lighting organization KEDSUM

Illuminate every shelf

Removable tape OFTEK Sensor Closet instantly attached to the wall.

The organization of lighting OFTEK Sensor Closet

Wonderful automatic lights

Sometimes a touch is enoughlamp to light up. On the front panel OxyLED two metal contacts installed, at the touch of which the light is turned on. A self-adhesive pads make it easy to install it.

OxyLED Panel

Touch a miracle

You can not find a matching pair of socks in his drawer? DIODER from IKEA battery powered excellently solve your problem.

Drawers white cabinet with light from IKEA


Through lighting, a dressing room, you can visually enlarge, as shown in the image below.

Design wardrobe with lighting organization

Modern design

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