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Let there be light. Unusual lamps for the living room in the photo

Fixtures for interior room in bright colors

Pay attention to lighting for a living room in these photos. They meet all the criteria: the right size, wide area light, sufficient brightness.

When choosing fixtures, look forfloor and wall surface. The reflected light from them can create very interesting effects. It is very important to choose the fixtures and place them so that they do not hit you in the eye.

Classic shades can hardly ever comeout of fashion. Even now, designers often use them in the interiors of living rooms. This lamp illuminates the room a soft white light and does not hit in the eye by proper choice of materials and a beautiful lampshade. The patterns on its surface perfectly decorate your ceiling.

Fixtures for the living room: a lampshade with floral ornament

The small, almost invisible fixtures built an excellent job with the room lighting.

Fixtures for the spacious living room

Smooth mirrored walls reflect light and create a very unusual effect

The owners of modern houses are increasingly preferceilings with built-in lights. The level of room lighting can be adjusted by turning off each lamp individually. In addition, you save electricity, including lights only in those parts of the room where you are currently.

The minimalist design of lamps with frames made of metal perfectly harmonizes with light ceilings.

Fixtures for the living room: round lamps with metal frame

An example of the correct use of the backlight. A small lamp serves as an additional source of light.

Fixtures for the living room: the yellow lights on the ceiling contour

Frames with backlit isolated column and ceiling relief

However, the size of the built-in ceilinglamps is not restricted - look at the photo above. Coupled with table lamps, floor lamps and more lighting (for example, niche TV) you get excellent lighting and comfortable room.

An unusual design solution is a lampshadewith several lights, reminiscent of medieval candelabras. It is perfect for large living rooms, even when one is not enough bright lights to illuminate the entire space.

Fixtures for the living room: a large round chandelier with small lamps

Huge lamp with a variety of light bulbs do not hit in the eye and to cope with the room lighting

Choosing the character of the light guided by the color of the walls and floor. White light is perfect for design in Art Nouveau style, and orange will emphasize the beauty of natural materials and the texture of wood.

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