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Lamps made of cardboard: irresistibility, and courage design

Unusual lamp made of cardboard

Creative lamp from cardboard house

Studio Graypants Seattle surprised the world of designits novelty: its designers have come up with a lamp made of cardboard. They are recyclable packaging material. Moreover, this magnificent collection of cardboard LED-lamps can easily compete with expensive fixtures.

Design lamps made of cardboard - Photo 1

Flock of birds on the ceiling

studio designer inspired accidentally seenflight flock of birds in the sky (in science, this is called murmuratsiey), and then decided to bring their ideas to life with the only available at the time the material - cardboard.

Design lamps made of cardboard - Photo 2

Closely interwoven elements of the luminaire

Bird flights passed through the authors ideasdynamic application of three-dimensional shapes. Each LED pendant to "pack" is harmoniously connected with its neighbors, thereby creating different compositions. When light organization thus creates composition ready shape change at any time.

Design lamps made of cardboard - Photo 3

Fancy abstract patterns

Different patterns give the collection even more movement: they float in space like a bird.

Design lamps made of cardboard - Photo 4

A bold and original composition

These dynamic, multiformennye lightsIt shows that you can not be afraid of diversity. In addition to the typical ways of lighting, there is a lamp, which prove that the board does not always have to be boring or look cheap.

Design lamps made of cardboard - Photo 5
Design lamps made of cardboard - Photo 6

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