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Lamps for the bedroom - a selection of options for photo tips

Approach lighting in the bedroom

Lighting in the bedroom deserves special attention. When choosing furniture, we spend a lot of time searching for the perfect nightstand or bedside table.

What is surprising is how zealously we subsequently clutter their huge surface table lamps, impersonal and stereotyped.

There are many options to free up valuable space: floor lamps, sconces and pendant designs perfectly cope with the task.

We'll tell you about the non-trivial ways bedside lighting areas without the need for night tables and cabinets. Let's get started ...

Floor lamps. It seems quite natural to put a desk lamp on the bedside table, although a high floor lamp saves space and direct the flow of light more precisely, making reading in bed comfortable and safe to view.

Choose a model with a flat base or combine the lamp with a high open bedside table, to save space as much as possible.

Note the movable structure, the light beam could focus the downward and slightly to the side.

Stylish lamp on the photo perfectly with the design of the table-tray on metal folding legs. Note that when the surface is not occupied, you can file a breakfast in bed for its second half.

A small lamp in the shape of a black

Combined option. Classic bedside table lamp decorated with graceful on a long stalk.

Black trim in the interior of a city apartment looks elegant and restrained. Models in the performance of gold and silver not less than adorable.

Black floor lamp in the interior of the bedroom

Low brass chandelier hanging unloads surface nightstand lamp is not worse. Subtle elements of fittings and decorative candle holders add romance.

Hanging Chandelier in a retro style

In a more modern interior would be appropriate simulation of an incandescent lamp with a simple twisted cord. Hang it as low as possible to warm the light incident on the reading area.

Lamp without lamp shade in the interior of the bedroom

Matt ceiling on either side of the bed can be hung at different heights - it is very convenient, if you read in bed love someone one.

Tip: To hide the wires embedded fixtures, hide them for a soft drape, decorating the wall behind the headboard.

Lamp without lamp shade in the interior of the bedroom

Another option, saving horizontal space - miniature lights, which will work perfectly in the company with a chandelier.

If you do not aim to add shine to the bed and nightstand, elegant bedside lamp will help to create a stylish decor.

Wall sconce in the interior of the bedroom

Still prefer the directional light? Look to the telescopic mount: simply rotate the cover in the direction you want while reading.

White wall lamp

On the bed with high headboard lamps can be installed directly on the back, not on the wall nearby. So you ensure the correct flow of light.

Chandelier made of wire in the interior of the bedroom

Another advantage wall lightsIt is that you will not be difficult to hide the wires. The easiest way to mount them in a soft pillow, but if that is not, you can skip electrocommunications the back of the headboard.

Beautiful wall lamp in the interior of the bedroom

Embedded and even wired bra may have a more substantial structure, in which case the arm becomes independent decoration element.

Gilded mounting perfectly with an exquisite white shade and a suitable color twisted switch brings a touch of carelessness in the overall appearance.

Wall light in the interior of the bedroom

Wall lights are appropriate even in the interior of country. Choose the classic version brackets with bronze and black cords, which, incidentally, can be repainted, if necessary.

Wall lights in the interior of the bedroom

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