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Lamp without lampshade by Mexican designer Leo Armenta

Creative desk lamp

According to the Mexican designer Leo Armenta, knowledge processing and information to our mind more and more resembles the work of the digestive system.

In the sense that the continuous intake invariably provoke incontinence ... From all that we absorb only a small fraction settles in, and the rest, apparently, goes nowhere.

Metal holder table lamp

The creative mind of the designer had the ideacreating a visual pun on the subject. Foolamp - is a kind of satire on how we mindlessly absorb the necessary and unnecessary information to us, and then let go of it without regret, without becoming wiser one iota.

Designer lamp nakalyvaniya

The lamp looks like a rather strange man,sitting in a pose typical of a known process, with a light bulb instead of the toilet underneath. Wire symbolizes the flow of information from various sources, penetrating into the mind of the individual. Clever and witty at the same time!

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