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Lamp Origami Collection Orikomi lampshades from Blaanc studio

Paper origami lamp Orikomi

Easy lamp origami, handmade from the finest high quality cardboard, looks texturally and aesthetically pleasing, despite the complexity of manufacture.

Whenever faced with a virtuoso Japanesethe art of paper folding, we do not cease to admire the exquisite compositions built of conventional sheet. This original DIY-technology and fascinated by architectural studio Blaanc.

Bright lights, paper Orikomi

Orikomi first was issued in November 2013, and has since sold worldwide through a network of shops, Heal's and Monoqi.

The model is both simple and elegant. It is suitable for lighting any room. In addition, the collection offers several choices of colors, as well as the 3 original vases, which enliven the wonderful homely atmosphere.

Colorful paper lamps Orikomi

Blaanc firm young design team,which has its headquarters in Lisbon and Rio de Janeiro, operates since 2008. After winning two international competitions of their masterpieces began to enjoy unprecedented demand in Portugal, Brazil, Mexico and Ghana.

Quite often young artists present themselvesat international conferences, and design exhibitions. Their works written more than seventy publications. And you know why? Because one of the main tasks of the company is the development of environmentally friendly designs, aimed at improving living conditions.

In 2011, they founded the non-profitHumanitarian Association of Adobe for Women, which helps Mexican women who find themselves in trouble, find a decent job and find a dream house. In her account of the profit comes studio. Impressive, right?

White paper lamps Orikomi
Paper Orikomi lamps with yellow shade
Fancy paper lamps
Colorful paper lamps Orikomi
Amazing Paper Lamps Orikomi
Beautiful paper lights Orikomi
Unique paper lamps Orikomi
Beautiful table lamp paper Orikomi
Hanging paper lamps Orikomi
Miniature paper lamps Orikomi
Beautiful miniature paper lamps Orikomi
Unusual miniature paper lamps Orikomi
Collection of paper lamps Orikomi
Paper for the manufacture of fixtures Orikomi
Colorful paper Orikomi lamps in interior

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