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Jewellery made of rock crystal: photo luxurious chandeliers

Elegant lamps in black

The extraordinary splendor

Today we want to talk about black chandeliers, theIt has a purely monochromatic objects. It is well known that the color of the item with the proper use of organically look in almost any interior.

And in our case, we have a three-fold increase inaesthetic perception, namely? lighting device in itself is punctuated by a light source, the second? it is thoroughly-designed structure, and, recently, the main thing? unusual coloring, contrasting with the usual bright ceiling.

With this in mind, we are very carefulto make such decisions, but, guided by the advice of experts or elementary artistic taste, this simple reception can achieve a stunning effect and revive the original boring room.

Offered today elegant lamps in a variety of styles, designs, sizes and price ranges offer tremendous opportunities in terms of experimentation.

The combination of matte ebony with clear mountaincut glass, polished dark base, surrounded with cloth lampshades? it all depends on the overall concept, the main thing in this matter? knowing of limits. Black color only at first glance is the same everywhere. For reference, ? company "Tikkurila" offers more than twenty-pitch tones! It may be deviations with blue, red or green notes.

A metal finishes just hugequantity ? from the traditional multi-component polishing up matte texture. Turning to the composition of black crystals can also be an interesting finding. Although the light and does not pass completely through it, it creates a wonderful refraction of light and shade alternating with extraordinary highlights.

Creative lighting in black

Pure luxury

In fairness it should be noted that thisthe idea is not new, and it is already the end of XIX century, gained a lot of popularity. Many famous designers have used this method and has consistently achieved excellent results.

That's when the ceiling began to be considered asfifth wall in a room, and in this perspective, it was easier to argue publicly its non-trivial solutions. Strictly speaking, black chandeliers do not need lawyers,? a fantastic feeling that they leave, speaks for itself.

Even in the famous film "Breakfast at Tiffany's" immortal Truman Capote was a lamp hanging in the living room a charming Audrey Hepburn.

In contrast to the classic version of 'heavy' colorwith delicate, almost weightless, the structure will always be relevant. The initial fear of the unusual object over your head (especially at night) are absolutely groundless and quickly pass, and we can only amazing feeling fantastic unreality.

Unique lamps in black

A dark presence

The elegant and stunning in any setting,gorgeous black chandeliers always "in the subject." Sweeping a shadow on the ceiling indicates the possession of immaculate style and bright personality and self-confidence of home owners. Experiment boldly! You can do it!

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