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Interior Design Bedrooms: photo pendant

Hanging lamp in the interior of a bedroom

Hanging over the bed lights - a great alternative to table lamps, allowing the surface to release the night tables and transform the interior of the bedroom the most unexpected way.

Design Museum offers you a list of 8 original ideas installing pendant lights - from the bold to the most conservative.

Extreme color scheme

Deliberately simple light bulb dangling on acid-pink cords in front of black wall. This fresh and bold image of the same great fit into the interior of a modern bedroom in a white palette.

Hanging lamp with a red wire
gruff simplicity

The combination of twine and cord works well ina wide range of styles - from classical to modern rustic eclecticism. Two lamps, hanging at different heights, will look more original.

Toupee lamp in retro style
Transformed old

These exquisite vintage lights designer AdelineKeeler Smith discovered at a flea market and remade under the lights. They are attached to the ceiling and found two switches - at the door and headboard, chest of drawers for. The event is not cheap, but worth every penny. Ceiling in the form of a pagoda looks very harmoniously in this traditional interior.

Hanging Chandelier in vintage style
intricate beauty

Sparkling silver lamp bringsa portion of the lung space of glamor in a laconic modern bedroom. Neutral decor and monochrome linens make it a central element of the interior.

Beautiful hanging chandelier in the interior of a bedroom
Silver Lights

This incredibly stylish lamp in the shape of a ball,handmade in Egypt, creating an unusual atmosphere in the room. Combine these elements with rich, deep shades of the decor - dark blue, black and smoky gray.

Light coming through the small openings in the ceiling of, is quite enough for comfortable reading.

Round pendant chandelier in the interior of a bedroom
The impressive dimensions

Hang a chandelier solid near the bed -a bold decision that is appropriate for a spacious bedroom in need of an injection of glamor. The bed in the bedroom is equipped with a luxurious four-poster bed, which allows to soften the bright light lamps.

Luxury chandelier in the interior of a bedroom
weighty argument

Volumetric hanging lamp by the bedIt looks less boldly than the chandelier, but still safely. The original design due to, for example, the presence of mirror surfaces, will add spice to a simple interior of a modern bedroom.

Wonderful pendant light in a beautiful bottle
cylindrical classics

Hanging on chains Fine shades in the form ofdrums, elegant scatter light over the bedside tables. Add to that the soft gray palette and fine linens to create an atmosphere of luxury accommodation in a luxury hotel. Power controller will control the brightness of the lighting.

Bedside lamps suspended

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