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Industrial Cog lamps Tom Dixon

Industrial lights in golden frame Cog by Tom Dixon

Milan, 2015 ... The British designer Tom DixonHe presented to the public industrial lamps collected from decorative fasteners. All models are ideally combined with items from the author's line of copper accessories for the home.

Pendant lights in golden Cog appearance from Tom Dixon

The collection consists of three hanging lampsplated brass, similar in shape to the candle holders and table organizer, Tom Dixon exhibited in Paris a year ago. All textured elements - toothed ring, screw rods and cylinders with a circular thread - are made on machine tools.

The obsession of the artist engines and mechanisms allows him to deeply understand the aesthetic essence of ordinary objects, which often go unnoticed.

Different-sized parts made of cast aluminumturned into works of art design: one of the fixtures reminiscent of the cone, sandwiched between two flat rings with teeth, the second has an unusual dome shape, and the third is made up of three cylindrical elements of different sizes and designs.

Beautiful lights in the shape of golden Cog Tom Dixon

Light bulbs are hidden in tiny lampshades, which direct their light downwards.

Tom Dixon organized the exhibition within the exhibition titled Cinema, which was organized in one of the abandoned theater in Milan.

Unique lamps in golden Cog appearance from Tom Dixon
Exquisite lights in the shape of golden Cog Tom Dixon

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