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Incandescent lamp from the world giant Philips - LED newest invention


Recently, the Dutch electronics giant Philipsreleased a new source of light using LEDs. Launched on the market on Earth Day (22 April 2012), he won the competition "Bright Tomorrow", conducted by the US Department of Energy. The purpose of the contest - to find an energy-efficient alternative to the 60-watt incandescent bulb.

Lamp LED (LED) uses only 10watts of power and emits a soft, natural light. Its service life is 20 years. In addition, it creates a cozy atmosphere and saves energy since the first day of use. LED is one of the most environmentally friendly light sources.

LED light bulb in the standing form
LED lamp with yellow shade
Yellow LED lighting lamps

LEDs operating principle allows the use ofboth in production and in illuminators safe components themselves. They contain, therefore no danger in the event of failure or degradation.

Ceiling lamps, LEDs
Bottle LED Lamp

A new source of Philips' light helps to build a clean future. LED cost is estimated at $ 50 now, but work is continuing on the reduction of prices by as much as 20 - $ 30.

Metal bottle LED lamp
Glowing LED lamps

So soon the lights will go from groupdisposable in the group universal goods. How do you like this idea? Are you interested in replacing outdated incandescent light bulbs with environmentally friendly product long life, such as this LED lamp?

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