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Ideas for lamps - "of the frog - a princess"

Creative lamp

Imagine that from a simple inconspicuous lampsYou can make a masterpiece, perfectly complementing the interior design. In reality, it indispensable element of the room pay very little attention, leaving in the shade.

The most common lamps play a minor role in the choice of interior design elements. But in fact they should be the decoration of the room, the final touch. Look for your lamp.

It makes you smile? It brings to mind a story? It is generally enabled? Let's look at ideas that can create a princess of the frog lamp.

A beautiful table lamp in the interior

Impressive yurt. Stones stacked surprisingly, as a basis for the lamp. The shape of the lampshade emphasizes foundation, creating a perfect harmony.

Wooden floor lamp with his hands

Perhaps these lamps are made of gears somehowvery enterprising producer. But still, they are attractive, have focused on themselves. See how they square shades are combined with circular teeth, the result - a successful combination of forms.

Pendant lights over the table in the interior

Because of this large base of branches made of exclusive lamp. Without it, the space in the room will be much less, since their presence light enlarges the room.

Amazing floor lamp in the interior

Here's another version of the skill. This floor lamp - a real decoration of the room.

Amazing floor lamp in the interior

The subject of art design is shaped webs of wires and a transparent tube.

Amazing table lamp in the interior

Often the room is decorated with a pair of lamps, as here. They are made out of old buckets, which certainly emphasizes refinement. Pale blue cap lamps like tell the story of your family.

Amazing floor lamp in the interior

A very interesting option. Pink sands of Bermuda with shells, dragees, pasta or even pebbles ideally suited as a component to fill the bases. The form to fill in, you can buy or make yourself.

Vintage table lamps

Every light in the house is made of the fact that we love. We have a high lamp made from the base of the candlestick, and a small table lamp made from old cans favorite blue.

But the most magnificent - it is an old lamp,made at the beginning of the twentieth century carved wooden sculptures. The fact that her one hundred years, certainly much: great rift reaches the center of the peeling is present. Lamp captivates all who visit this house, and looks wonderful when the light falls on the sculpture.

Table light from cans

From fashion does not go out of style fixtures blue and white vases, bringing the room complementary shades. This instance can be done yourself, having a conventional lamp and a beautiful vase.

Amazing table lamps

Lamp like buying French flea market. Or you got it when buying a home? The grayish-green hue gives the sensation of the last century.

Amazing table lamps

If your budget does not allow to buy somethingnew, try to remake of the old. This lamp is purchased in the middle of the last century and now beautifully renovated. Due to its scale and visually increases the space is a striking example of pop culture.

Beautiful table lamp

Another way to alter the standard form of the lamp. Use stickers or cut openwork forms a ball, ending Design ribbon.

Amazing lighting elements in the interior

Here is a close-up of the previous ideas, but this time felt decorated with a monogram and a fringe around the edges. The result is stunning.

Bulky table lamp

The fixture is made of old bottles of different colors. This design is great outdoor tables and a gazebo.

Amazing table lamp

How about a chandelier of several types of lampshade,united in one bunch? Though in the colored version, or in neutral colors like this lamp will look elegant when turned on, and when off, too.

Pendant lights above the table in the interior

When it comes to choosing a lamp, it is notforget about your child's room. From the old statues generated this lamp. Now, every time you turn on the lamp memories of the owner of the statues (grandfather), visiting guest room.

Modern bright lights

A real work of art of the correct color of the lampshade.

Beautiful table lamp

It seems that this item is purchased somewhere onunforgettable holiday - in Mexico or Spain. But now it is indispensable in this room, reminding the owners of the journey. Exactly on this option we will stop, really, is turned into a frog princess, magically transforming inanimate object into a treasure of memories.

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