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How to hang a chandelier big house

Luxury crystal chandelier in the dining room interior

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Let us now discuss this process asinstallation of fixtures. All it is clear that without them does not do any building. So that the space has become even more beautiful, can not be allowed in the case of errors. And how to avoid them, we will tell you. Read on!

Elegant pendant chandelier unusual shape

Make yourself or hire a professional?

Depending on the electrical wiring system,as well as the fasteners and the weight of your lamp and will depend on the answer to this question. Lamps small and medium-size are you able to hang yourself. However, if you acquired a great device, and in the wires you do not understand, it is better to use the services of a specialist.

Hanging chandelier in the shape of a star

But before that, ask an electrician how much will cost such work, whether he has the necessary equipment, whether he gives a guarantee on their work and on all matters that interest you.

price range

If you hire a professional, you should know that the installation cost can vary from the ceiling height in the room and the size of the chandelier. Remember that the payment be made hourly.

Ceiling light in the interior of a bedroom

Duration of the project

If your space is oversized, and light medium volume, the work will take no more than two hours.

Suspended spherical lamps

The best time to install

Do not let the fact that you hang the lamp inholidays or when you are busy. You have to control the process and keep track of everything going on. Besides, after all the cases, you may have to do the cleaning.

Luxury crystal chandelier

First steps

You have already bought the chandelier. Now decide where you want to install it. Check out the advice of experienced designers who will tell you where in the device will be more profitable to look and how far it should hang.

Bright hanging chandelier in the living room interior

Be sure to think about the following three factors:

  1. Ceiling height and room size. The spacious rooms and high ceilings require large light sources.
  2. What is under the lamp. If you do not want the device came to your dinner table, then measure the distance from the ceiling to the surface of the table, and on that basis try to trim the chandelier in the shop.
  3. The shape of the lamp. The chandelier should be a focal point in your room and in any case not to suppress the remaining interior.

Wall lamp in interior

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