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How to correctly calculate a lighting system in the house

Beautiful lighting living area

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Today we tell you about the great decisionsand ideas for arranging the apartment with original lamps and creative lighting fixtures. These design tricks and tips to help you choose the ideal illumination system for each room an unusual home and any stylistic execution.

Lighting is one of the easiest andthe least expensive ways to transform the look of the property. It will not only accentuate the eyes on certain architectural elements and engineering features of the apartments, but also help to disguise some of the shortcomings of planning.

Thus, the combination of light and shadows canradically transform the space and fill the atmosphere with a special charm. In today's story, we will present you the basic rules of installation in the home unmatched illumination system:

Consider functionality

Before thinking about installing lamps and luminaires, think about how you use the space dream home.

Table Lamp in the interior living area

For example, in a read corner you mustYou will set the lights next to each chair. If the room is used for watching TV, then think about the location of projectors and LEDs so they do not cast a glare on the screen.

Table lamps in the interior of the room for rest

The room set for a bright and even illumination. If the space is mainly for recreation, equip dimmer for controlling lights.

Wall lights in the interior of the home library

consider decor

Pay attention to your styleapartments. In a modern setting you can use a large number of lamps and LEDs. If the design of the apartment is more traditional, the lamps and other items can significantly improve her appearance.

The chandelier in the dining room interior

Three main types of lighting

Ambient illumination provides a general light in the room. The scattered radiation may come from a ceiling lamp, wall lamp or chandelier.

It should uniformly fill the entire space of the apartment and be bright enough for cleaning or other economic problems.

Elegant lamp in the interior living area

To determine the power of light bulbs, you need to multiply the area of ​​the room by a factor of 1.5.

Wonderful atmosphere in the apartment can only provide a harmonious blend of natural and artificial radiation.

Hanging chandelier in the dining room interior

Subject Illumination organically emphasizes different functional areas: a reading corner or the island in the kitchen. It is important to combine the room diffused and directional illumination.

Lamp in the interior living area

To obtain a library or reading corner, set the light source by the cozy armchairs. This lamp shade should be placed at eye level, to reduce the amount of glare.

A small lamp in the interior corner for rest

Accent lighting highlights specificcharacteristics of the premises such as architectural elements and works of art. Ceiling spotlights or track bulbs fit great for this purpose.

Ceiling lamps in interior

Select the painting or paintings, placing them on themantel shelf and accented ceiling lamp. This solution is not only superbly transform the apartment, but will fill the atmosphere of brightness and expressiveness.

The lamp in the interior living area

Ideally, each room should include all three types of lighting.

Hanging chandelier in the interior living area


In the public areas of the interesting projecthome, create at least two levels of lighting: bright for holidays and special events, and soft for a restful or relaxing stay. To solve this problem will help dimmer - dimmer.

These modern and innovative devices have a low cost, and they help to significantly reduce energy consumption and to fill special atmosphere charm and warmth.

Switch lighting


Hang the chandelier at a distance of 30 centimeters above the dining table to achieve visual comfort. Secure the wall sconces to 1.5 meters above the floor level or 30 cm above the mantel.

Hanging chandelier in the dining room interior

Bedside lamps should be placed at a distance of 45 centimeters above the mattress. It will provide comfort for reading and watching television.

Wall lamp in the interior space

Help is needed?

If the light continues to lead you to a dead end,then use the knowledge of architects and designers. They not only help you to design the decoration of the apartments, but also allow it to change the layout and hide some flaws.

Hanging chandelier in the interior space

We have presented to your view the main recommendations on arrangement of illumination in the house. And you liked etiidei decor? Share your opinion with us in the comments to the article ...

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