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How to choose a chandelier for modern interior

Creative lighting design in intererasvetilniki in interior design

There are pretty good reasons why so many designers are big fans of lighting.

It is very well seen from the creative works in interior design, because the more people passionate about a certain subject, the more attention in the space he tries to isolate him.

In addition to the million options, which are nowavailable for sale, hanging lamps and luminaires, as a rule, are turning feature in the appearance of your home, transforming the situation and make the image complete.

Lighting - this is without a doubt the most important cog in the formation of the perfect design with a cozy atmosphere.

And today we want to present you an amazing and dramatic delights - modern chandeliers, acting as a brilliant focal points.

Stunning lighting in interior design

Stylish and sophisticated image of Wendy Resin Interiors

We demonstrate your gaze vivid trio that can change your world and get to rethink the value of chandeliers in relation to their meaning in the interior design.

These examples demonstrate the versatility inartistic design - from minimalist to modern, and it is possible to integrate them in different styles, whether it be classical, baroque art deco, you will always feel their glittering charm, giving inspiration.

Beautiful lighting in interior design

Unusual lighting in interior design

Delicious lamps in interior design

Excellent lighting in interior design

Unique lighting in interior design

Stunning lighting in interior design

Eastern charm to your home

Sara Milk Glass chandelier brings us backin time and presents an opportunity to even touch the excellent oriental style. In its way, there is something exotic, perhaps the impression demonstrate the ceiling, made of blown glass.

The designers were able to take into account the most beautiful motifs of classical Mediterranean and Egyptian style and interpret it in a modern way.

Next we show you the relevance of this chandelier in different rooms: a farm or beach house, industrial and eclectic style.

Excellent lighting in interior design

Good lighting in interior design

Interesting lighting in interior design

Carefully thought-out design of the Canopy Designs chandelier is available in a wide range of colors that range from bright red to warm orange from green jade to soft pink.

But the color of aqua and turquoise version is the mostpopular among buyers, eager to transform home decor. Typically, these colors are harmoniously blend with the interior, making it easy and relaxed addition to the color scheme.

Beautiful lighting in interior design

First-class lighting in interior design

Excellent lighting in interior design

Copyright lamps in interior design

Wonderful lighting in interior design

minimalist Magic

Designed for Rody Graumans Droog, 85 LampsChandelier for those who love the grandeur of an elegant way with a minimalist design. The lamp uses just the bare minimum, but a simple reproduction of wires and connectors helps to create a spectacular image of the lamp. Exhibit saw the world as early as 1993, and since then it has gone a long way to modifications.

The main innovation is the transition toLED lighting designed to reduce power consumption compared to the previous model. Despite the picturesque in visual style, it is most suitable for spaces in industrial and minimalist direction.

Fashionable lighting in interior design

Beautiful lighting in interior design

Religious lamps in interior design

It looks more organic in the case whereIt fits into the environment as the neutral part. Its use in open plan helps to identify and delineate the space, divide the room.

With its unsurpassed contours achievedsense of proportion when used in high-ceilinged rooms. Elegant and bright, it is a product, demonstrating the superiority of simplicity and style in relation to the modern interior design.

Interesting lighting in interior design

Excellent lighting in interior design

Beautiful lighting in interior design

Elegant lighting in interior design

Excellent lighting in interior design

An organic structure PH Lights

The model developed in 1958, has produceda revolution in the design of fixtures. Poul Henningsen was the genius behind this sculptural creation that is as relevant today as they were in those days, when I saw a copy of the general public.

The entire collection is characterized by a wide variety of suspension: The range varies from a fine to a more minimalist artichoke snowflake that offers the customer a real variety of choice.

In fact, the inimitable Artichoke pendant fromline PH Lights and original carvings laser leaves inspired many designers to create the same type of chandeliers over the past 50 years, which have retained their charm.

Peerless luminaires in interior design

Stunning lighting in interior design

Seductive lighting in interior design

Unmatched lighting in interior design

Alluring lighting in interior design

Excellent lighting in interior design

Unmatched lighting in interior design

When choosing a chandelier for the house, your eyes willscatter in different directions from the range of diversity. In order to facilitate their choice, it is necessary to determine in advance exactly what you would expect from a hanging lamp.

Many designers are advised to opt for a model that has the potential to remain relevant for a long time.

Only then your finances will not be wasted when you do not have to follow the trends of fashion to change the lights every few months.

Decoration and interior design in classic stylealways remain in preference and do not lose the freshness of their way quickly after volatile trends. This trio promises to implement all of the above conditions are true, and even more!

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